Chapter 1350: Lu Family’s Father And Daughter

Chapter 1350: Lu Family’s Father And Daughter

Hexi squinted and said, “Can you give this to me?”

“Of course!” Jin Zeyu was stunned for a moment, then he immediately said, “It’s just that Xi Yue, if you are contaminated with the aura of this bead, you will be easily discovered by Lu Xuyang. I’m afraid it will bring you trouble.”

Hexi sneered, “Even if I don’t have the Wood Vitality Pearl, the father and daughter will still come to trouble me.”

Only then did Jin Zeyu heave a sigh of relief, then a gleam of hope appeared in his eyes.

In this life, it is impossible for me to fight against Lu Xuyang and his daughter, let alone revenge, but maybe… Xi Yue can! Maybe, I can wait until the day when I see the death of my enemy?

Hexi put the Wood Vitality Pearl into the void and looked at Jin Zeyu again, “After Lu Xuyang found out about you, he didn’t kill you?”

Jin Zeyu shook his head with a wry smile, and his eyes were filled with deep hatred, “He can’t confirm that I broke into the forbidden area that day, and the deans had always regarded me highly, so he dared not hurt me openly. But he let people stab me in the back when I was on a mission.”

“When I came back from the Heaven Level mission, half of my brothers were dead, and my cultivation had almost completely gone. I was kicked out of Heaven Medical Branch by him, but just like this, the Lu Family father and daughter still refused to let me go. They asked the doctors to give me an addictive drug, which poisoned and killed me bit by bit. If I didn’t encounter you, Xi Yue, I’m afraid I would be dead in less than half a year.”

Jin Zeyu’s voice was hoarse and distorted with anger and pain. He stood up suddenly, knelt down on one knee, bowed toward Hexi and said, “Xi Yue, I said that as long as you cure me, you will be my master. From now on, no matter what you ask me to do, I, Jin Zeyu, will never frown. However, if one day you deal with Lu Zhixi and Lu Xuyang, please give me a chance to let them taste the pain I have suffered!”

“It was Lu Zhixi who framed you?”

Jin Zeyu sneered and said, “She always looks like a lofty goddess as if her hands are never stained with blood, but I know that everything I suffered was manipulated by her behind the scenes. Don’t mention me, she could even give up and trample Cai Yu who was devoted to her. From this, you know how vicious and ruthless she is.”

“Xi Yue, you must be careful of her. She wants to kill you not once or twice. This time going to the magical beast forest is the best opportunity. I don’t believe that she will not take this opportunity to attack you.”

Nangong Yu’s eyes turned cold, and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

When I was not around, someone tried to put Xi’er to death again and again?

Lu Zhixi? Is she tired of living!

After Jin Zeyu told the secrets of the year, he went to the square.

However, Nangong Yu grabbed Hexi and stroked her cheek with one hand. His voice was gentle, but his expression was extremely dignified, “Xi’er, Lu Xuyang’s ability to devour beastkin’s vitality is terrifying. Remember, you must be careful with him. You absolutely must not use any wood spiritual power around him.”

Hexi frowned and said, “Is there really anyone who can devour the vitality of a beastkin? If they could devour the vitality of a beastkin, wouldn’t many people do that? After all, the vitality of a beastkin is so powerful and it can be transformed into different abilities!”

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