Chapter 1351: Narrow Escape

Chapter 1351: Narrow Escape

Nangong Yu sneered and said with deep eyes, “You think it is so easy to devour the vitality of beastkin? Beastkin’s vitality and soul are stronger than humans. Even if humans are 4 levels higher than beastkins, they may not be able to swallow it. If they do it by force, it will only destroy their bodies. Otherwise, with the greed of many people, how can they not covet such benefits. Unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless that beastkin trusts this person very much, and it even has the good intention of using its own vitality to heal the person’s wounds and maintain his life at the beginning. At this time, if this person tries to ruthlessly devour the beastkin’s vitality at the cost of his own cultivation, it may be possible. However, in this way, that beastkin with good intentions will end up in an extremely miserable end.”

Hexi took a deep breath, “Requite kindness with enmity?”

“That’s right!” Nangong Yu sneered, “It’s simply ungrateful and cruel. So Xi Yue must be careful when facing person like Lu Xuyang.”

Hexi nodded with a cold gleam in her eyes.

Then, some important information flashed across her mind, but it was just a glimpse. She couldn’t grasp it anymore.


By the time Hexi and Nangong Yu arrived at the square, almost all the people from the other branches had already arrived.

This time, it wasn’t just the students who came, almost 90% of the academy’s deans and elders appeared on the square.

Moreover, Hexi also saw Zeng Shouyue, who was standing in front of him and the others, with a livid complexion and wounds on his body.

Seeing Xi Yue, Zeng Shouyue showed a trace of guilt and worry on his face. He stepped forward and said in a hoarse voice, “Xi Yue, when you arrive at the magical beast forest, you must follow me and don’t run around.”

Hexi nodded, then she frowned and said, “Dean, your injury?”

“It’s nothing, just a minor injury.” Zeng Shouyue said indifferently, “All the deans disagree with you all going to the magical beast forest for training, but the academy insists on this decision, and those bastards in the Mojing Pavilion…”

Having said that, Zeng Shouyue’s voice stopped. He gritted his teeth to calm the anger in his heart, “In short, it has become a fact for you to go to the magical beast forest, but… Xi Yue, your cultivation is only at the Foundation Establishment stage, why don’t you stay in the academy…”

As Zeng Shouyue was talking, Deputy Dean Jiang suddenly said from above, “Everyone, please listen to me. Most of you must already know the reason why you are gathered here today. That is to go to the magical beast forest for training.”

As soon as the words “magical beast forest” came out, even those who knew the truth a long time ago were in an uproar.

That is the magical beast forest known as the human grave, even the martial artists at the Nascent Soul Stage could die in it.

Let alone these low-level students?

Deputy Dean Jiang’s eyes were full of worry and panic, but the man in black next to him stepped forward and glanced at him coldly. He could only take a deep breath and continued, “This time, the training will be recorded in your assessment results this year. During the training process in the magical beast forest, whoever can capture the beastkin cubs alive will be directly promoted to the high-level academy and rewarded with 10,000 points. Those who perform particularly well will receive the slot of going to the Siam Continent.”

As soon as these words were said, half of the originally worried people became excited and eager to try.

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