Chapter 1352: Voluntary Registration

Chapter 1352: Voluntary Registration

These students are only under 30 years old, and most of them were inexperience. They had always only heard about the horror of the magical beast forest, but they had not really realized the horror of this mission.

Now that they heard that capturing beastkin cubs alive would bring so many benefits, they had long forgotten about the danger.

Deputy Dean Jiang continued: “Besides, sending everyone to the magical beast forest is not disregarding everyone’s safety. Deans from our 8 branches and several Nascent Soul elders from the academy will go with you. There are also several senior doctors from the Doctors Association. The academy will do everything possible to ensure everyone’s safety.”

This time, even the remaining half of the worried people were a little eager to try.

But they didn’t see the pitiful and mocking eyes of the man in black above.

Deputy Dean Jiang breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his forehead, “This training is a compulsory mission. Half of the people in each branch must go. Students above the the Gold Core Stage intermediate stage are not allowed to evade, otherwise they will be expelled from the academy. The remaining insufficient slots will be made up according to the power ranking. Of course, we also welcome those who voluntarily sign up. All voluntary signups, regardless of the final experience results, will receive an additional reward of 500 points.”

“Okay, next, each branch will compile the list of participants. We will set off tomorrow by 7am.”

7am? Hexi’s eyes were full of astonishment.

Isn’t this too rush? It’s like they can’t wait to send all the students to the magical beast forest.

Hexi was thinking, then Qian Dazhuang’s voice came, “Xi Yue, shall we participate?”

Hexi turned around, raised her eyebrows and said, “Of course.”

Wu Qi was now in a coma. If she wanted to cure him, apart from retrieving Wu Qi’s Wood Vitality Pearl, the most likely way to find a way might be in the magical beast forest. She could take the opportunity to check it out.

Qian Dazhuang and others laughed immediately after hearing the words, “Great, Xi Yue will participate, then we will also volunteer to sign up!”

In fact, Qian Dazhuang, Jin Zeyu and others were all at the Gold Core Stage. In addition, there were few people in Huang Medical Branch, and there were very few Gold Core Stage. They must participate whether they volunteered or not.

But when they heard that Xi Yue was going together, they suddenly felt relieved.

Even Zhang Yi and Fang Yun, who had a lower level of cultivation, asked to sign up one after another.

Zeng Shouyue had been worried about what to do. If the students resisted, did he really have to kick them out?

But unexpectedly, in the end, just because Xi Yue said that she would go, more than half of the people in Huang Medical Branch wanted to sign up voluntarily.

“Great, I was worried about the danger of the magical beast forest just now. Now that Xi Yue is going too, I don’t worry anymore.”

“That’s right! Xi Yue led Qian Dazhuang and a group of trash by herself back then to complete the Heaven Level mission with ease. Even the magical beast forest is nothing to be afraid of.”

“Damn, who are you calling trash? I’ll beat you up!”

Hahaha, Dazhuang, don’t even think of bullying me with your Gold Core Stage. I took the medicinal pills given by Xi Yue, plus this short period of training, I have now reached the Pseudo Gold Core Stage. After a while, I’m not afraid of you anymore!”

Different from the fearful and intriguing atmosphere of other branches, the Huang Medical Branch was full of laughter.

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