Chapter 1353: Good, Very Good

Chapter 1353: Good, Very Good

Zeng Shouyue stared blankly at the boys and girls laughing and cursing around Xi Yue. He couldn’t believe that they were students from his own branch.

Once upon a time, these people were dispirited, cowardly and humble. They only wanted to escape when they encountered danger. When they saw the students in other branches, they were resentful and felt inferior.

But now, in just a few months, they had undergone such a big change.

And all of this was just because of——Xi Yue.

Zeng Shouyue was in a daze when suddenly a man’s deep and cold voice came into his ears, “I’ll join too.”

Zeng Shouyue was startled by the sudden sound. When he turned around and saw the person who spoke, he was so frightened that he jumped back several meters before exclaiming, “Xuan… Xuan Mu?!”

That’s right, the man in front of him was dressed in a black robe, his eyes were cold, and his stern face was expressionless. He was none other than Xuan Mu from the Huang Medical Branch?

Although Zeng Shouyue was a dean of Huang Medical Branch, he knew better than anyone else that Xuan Mu’s cultivation level was far higher than him.

And his identity was even more… terrifying.

Zeng Shouyue took a deep breath and asked a little stammeringly, “Student Xuan Mu, what… what did you just say?”

Xuan Mu frowned, looking annoyed. He didn’t want to talk more.

As he looked at Xi Yue, there was an imperceptible wave in his eyes, which seemed gentle and moved.

Xuan Mu smelled a conspiracy from the arrangement of the Miracle Healer Academy. He never wanted to be related to someone else, but this time, for the first time, he did not want anything to go wrong with Xi Yue. He wanted to protect her by his side.

Nangong Yu who was standing behind Hexi knew his intention immediately. He glared at him: Xi’er is mine, so I will protect her. I don’t need you to meddle in my business!

Xuan Mu sneered: None of your business!

Seeing that Xuan Mu didn’t speak, Zeng Shouyue was about to ask again tremblingly, then Qian Dazhuang, who was relatively heartless, yelled, “Dean Zeng, didn’t you hear? Xuan Mu is also going to the magical beast forest. Haha, with Master Xuan Mu here, what magical beast are we afraid of!”

Zeng Shouyue still couldn’t react to it, but after all, he was a Nascent Soul expert and a branch dean. His expression and voice quickly recovered from the shock.

“Xuan Mu, don’t you never participate in the activities of the academy?”

Xuan Mu squinted with a hint of impatience.

Qian Dazhuang laughed heartlessly and said, “Isn’t it obvious? Master Xuan Mu is worried about Xi Yue’s safety! Isn’t that right, Senior Xuan?”

Zhang Yi on the side also said in a childlike manner, “Senior Xuan Mu has always taken good care of Brother Xi Yue. In the past, Senior Xuan Mu never let other people live in Huang No. 1 Dormitory, but not Brother Xi Yue. Last time, Senior Xuan Mu stopped those villains from capturing Brother Xi Yue. The magical beast forest is so dangerous this time, of course Senior Xuan Mu will follow!”

Nangong Yu gritted his teeth: Good, very good!

If this man with bad intentions is allowed to get close to Xi’er again, my name will not be Nangong Yu!

He held Hexi firmly with one arm, showing his sovereignty.

Hexi was dumbfounded. These people are really imaginative!

At this time, Zeng Shouyue also remembered the scene of the theft of the Mojing Pavilion, and he immediately accepted this explanation very happily.

Indeed, with Xuan Mu present, the safety of the Huang Medical Branch was guaranteed by 50% more.

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