Chapter 1354: Stupid

Chapter 1354: Stupid

However, at this time, a person shouted in a panic, “Brother Xuan Mu, why are you going? Don’t you know that the magical beast forest is very dangerous! Can you and Brother Xi Yue don’t go, okay?”

The young man’s face was pale. His eyes were filled with real panic and worry. He rushed over in a hurry and wanted to grab Xuan Mu’s sleeve to stop him.

The original harmonious and cheerful atmosphere of Huang Medical Branch was instantly destroyed.

Everyone looked at the inexplicably disruptive person with subtle expressions. Many whispered mockingly.

“This Tong Bing is really stupid. Who is Senior Xuan Mu? What is he? He actually calls Senior Xuan Mu brother? So disgusted!”

“I heard that he got into Miracle Healer Academy through the back door. This kind of person has no strength at all. What else can he do besides riding on someone’s coattails?”

The voices of the people from Huang Medical Branch were not low, so Tong Bing of course heard them too.

Tears of shame, anger and embarrassment filled his eyes. He didn’t understand why these people always used such malice to speculate and humiliate him.

Tong Bing wanted to escape from this painful place, but when he thought of Xuan Mu’s safety, he held back his tears and let himself bear the humiliation to stay.

Seeing that Xuan Mu didn’t even look at him, he wanted to go to Hexi and grab his sleeve, but he met Nangong Yu’s cold and piercing eyes.

Tong Bing was so frightened that he could only take a step back and begged in a low voice, “Xi Yue, you are at the Foundation Establishment Stage like me, so we don’t need to participate in this experience. As long as you don’t go, Xuan Mu Brother won’t take risks. Can… can we not go? With our Foundation Establishment Stage cultivation, we will only be their burden.”

Before Hexi had time to say anything, Qian Dazhuang had already sneered mercilessly and said, “Bah, you’ll of course be our burden, but how can a trash like you compare yourself with Xi Yue.”

“That’s right! Just don’t go if you’re afraid of death, why drag Xi Yue along with you? None of us expect you to go.”

“Yeah, won’t he drag us down if he comes?”

These ridicules became louder. Tong Bing felt a twinge of shame and anger at what they said. He looked at Xi Yue with tears in his eyes, hoping that he could clarify for him.

However, Xi Yue didn’t even look at him. She just talked to Nangong Yu on her own.

Xuan Mu didn’t even look at him; he only had Xi Yue in his eyes.

Tong Bing clenched his hands into fists with tears streaming down his face. He just felt that at this moment, the whole world was isolating and humiliating him, making him feel indescribably lonely and cold.

Those who had signed up all left to make preparations before departure.

Tong Bing stood there blankly. No one paid attention to his existence, let alone his tears and heartache.

After a long time, most of the students in the square left.

Tong Bing was about to go back in a daze when he suddenly heard a low and gentle male voice in his ear, “Tong Bing, people in this academy bullied you and humiliated you so much, don’t you want to take revenge? That Xi Yue, he is just a Foundation Establishment Stage like you, you should have what he has too. Don’t… don’t you want to revenge?”

Tong Bing’s breathing stopped suddenly. He suddenly turned his head with his mouth closing and opening without making a sound, but there was a scorching light coming from his eyes.

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