Chapter 1355: Conspiracy

Chapter 1355: Conspiracy

“Father!” Lu Zhixi squatted in front of Lu Xuyang with a face full of unwillingness and panic and said, “Father, you know how scary and dangerous the magical beast forest is. Why do you want your daughter to go there?”

Lu Xuyang glanced at her with a gentle smile, but there was not much affection in his eyes. His words were full of kindness, “Zhixi, listen to father. You suffered several losses under that Xiyue, right?”

Lu Zhixi’s eyes were fixed, and a deep hatred and resentment flashed in her eyes. She raised her voice, “Xi Yue, that despicable and insidious villain, he just relies on the ancient pill formula obtained from the Sealed Dragon Domain!”

Lu Xuyang patted her lightly and said in disapproval: “Zhixi, what did I tell you? Never underestimate your enemies and don’t let your enemies have a chance to grow. Xi Yue and the existence of Shengde Hall are a great threat to our Doctors Association. We must get rid of this person.”

“This time will be the best opportunity.”

Lu Zhixi’s eyes suddenly lit up, and his expression became a little excited, “Father, you mean in the magical beast forest…”

A glimmer of light flashed across Lu Xuyang’s eyes as he smirked, “This is the best chance to get rid of him. I have dispatched 80% of the Nascent Soul intermediate stage and later stage elders of the Doctors Association. They will all obey your orders. We will get that Xi Yue’s life and the ancient pill formula in his hand. Zhixi, can you do it?”

Lu Zhixi was excited when she heard the words. Even her body trembled with excitement.

Is the person, who made me taste humiliation and defeat for the first time in my life and me sleepless and jealous, finally going to die this time?

However, Lu Zhixi immediately thought of something and said worriedly, “But I heard that Xuan Mu also signed up. Xuan Mu’s strength is unfathomable, and he cares about that Xi Yue very much… Plus, there is also a mysterious guard with a high cultivation beside Xi Yue. I suspect the person is sent by King of Hell Nangong Yu…”

When she said these words, the jealousy in Lu Zhixi’s heart was like ten thousand ants gnawing at her heart.

Never mind that Nangong Yu does everything possible to protect Xi Yue, but why does Xuan Mu, who has never cared about anyone in the lower realm, look at Xi Yue with admiration?

Why am I not the one who got all this?

Lu Xuyang was not worried when he heard the words, but he showed a more gentle and deep smile, “Don’t worry, I have arranged everything. Whether it is the guard sent by Nangong Yu, Xuan Mu or the academy elders, they will all be transferred away. I also planted a kindling beside Xi Yue. I promise that when the time comes, I will burn him to ashes.”

Lu Zhixi stood up abruptly and said in a trembling voice, “Father, please tell me what to do. As long as Xi Yue can be eliminated, I’m willing to venture into the magical beast forest!”

Lu Xuyang smiled with flickering eyes, and he slowly revealed his plan.


Early the next morning, almost half of the students of Miracle Healer Academy gathered in the square.

At this time, 2 airships had parked in the square.

These airships could accommodate thousands of people.

This trip to the magical beast forest was the biggest operation of Miracle Healer Academy in recent decades, so the airships, medicinal pills and magic weapons that could be prepared were the best.

All students participating in the training would receive a high-level storage bag from the academy, which contained many healing and spiritual power-replenishing medicinal pills, rank 6 or rank 7 magic weapons, and many high grade crystal stones.

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