Chapter 1356: Too Disgusting

Chapter 1356: Too Disgusting

Most of the students in Huang Medical Branch were poor. Although they had become a lot richer after doing missions with Qian Dazhuang and others during this period of time, they were still happy to see such a magnificent scene.

Everyone was laughing and joking when they got on the airship as if what they were going to was not the dangerous magical beast forest, but some kind of outing in the wild.

In fact, most of the students who participated in this trial were very relaxed. After all, there were so many elders and deans accompanying them.

In their subconscious minds, they felt that the crisis in the magical beast forest was far away from them.

Everyone didn’t know what kind of terrible disaster they were about to encounter in the magical beast forest.

People in each branch were assigned to different cabins.

When the people from Huang Medical Branch entered their cabins, they all looked surprised.

Because there was an unexpected person in their cabin.

The straightforward Qian Dazhuang exclaimed when he saw this person, “Tong Bing, why are you here? Didn’t you fear to death yesterday and refused to participate? What are you doing here? Aren’t you dragging us down?”

Tong Bing originally put on a friendly and innocent smiling face when waiting for everyone to come in, but when he heard Qian Dazhuang’s words, his expression suddenly became sullen. There was a faint mist in his eyes.

Fang Yun on the side frowned and said in a low voice, “Yesterday, I asked Dean Zeng for advice on pill formula, then Tong Bing suddenly came over and said that he wanted to join this trial. Dean Zeng persuaded him for a long time, telling him not to overreach himself, but he insisted to participate. He even said that since Brother Xuan Mu is going, he must be by his side to protect him. Tch…”

Fang Yun was kind by nature, so he didn’t finish it, but a burst of laughter suddenly broke out in the cabin.

“Did I hear you right? Tong Bing, a cowardly scum, actually said he wants to protect Xuan Mu? Just try your best not to be trampled to death by the magical beast!”

“Brother Xuan Mu all day long, and you cried at almost everything. Tch tch, does he prefer the same gender and like Senior Xuan Mu?”

“No way?! This… is too disgusting! This weakling even fantasizes about getting the powerful Xuan Mu?

Listening to everyone’s merciless ridicule, Tong Bing trembled with shame and anger.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say: Xi Yue also flirts with men, why don’t you call him disgusting?

Why everyone is humiliating me with the utmost malice? Torture him? What the hell have I done wrong?

At this moment, Xi Yue, Nangong Yu and Xuan Mu also entered the cabin.

Nangong Yu never concealed his possessiveness and pampering toward Xi Yue.

Therefore, as soon as the 3 of them entered, everyone found that Xi Yue’s shoulder was being hugged by her inconspicuous guard.

When they walked to the couch on the side, everyone consciously stepped aside.

Nangong Yu took it for granted and sat down on the couch with Xi Yue in his arms, poured her a cup of spiritual tea, and gently combed her temples.

Xi Yue accepted all these services and tenderness, and she seemed to be at ease as if she had long been used to Nangong Yu’s intimacy and pampering.

On the contrary, Xuan Mu, who was admired by everyone at Miracle Healer Academy, was left alone.

People from Huang Medical Branch couldn’t help but secretly commented, “I always feel that Xi Yue’s guard and Senior Xuan Mu have ulterior feelings for Xi Yue.”

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