Chapter 1357: Envy

Chapter 1357: Envy

A girl looked at Xi Yue’s delicate smooth face, and she couldn’t help muttering, “Xi Yue is so beautiful. Even if a man is attracted to him, it’s reasonable! “

“Yeah! And Xi Yue is so powerful. He is almost omnipotent!”

Miluo Continent also had a lot of men who like men. Although the custom wasn’t mainstream, it wasn’t too shocking.

Compared with the obsession with men, the people of Huang Medical Branch paid more attention to——

“But I think Xi Yue is too blind. Compared to his guard, isn’t our Senior Xuan Mu more handsome, stronger, and more imposing?”

“That’s right! I think Xi Yue and Senior Xuan Mu are a good match!”

“They are even roommates. Being together in the same room every day, they must have a good relationship…”

Suddenly, Nangong Yu exuded an aura so powerful that it made people tremble.

The entire cabin suddenly succumbed a strange silence. It was so quiet that everyone even held their breath in a panic.

Nangong Yu’s cold gaze swept over the face of the person who just said that he was not a good match for Xi’er. His eyes seemed to be quenched with cold poison, making everyone who was being glared at shiver.

It wasn’t until Hexi laughed out loud and gently shook Nangong Yu’s hand that the atmosphere in the entire cabin returned to normal.

In fact, if His Royal Highness King of Hell regained his original appearance, he might be able to drop the jaws of everyone in this cabin.

At that time, they even felt that there was no man or woman in the world worthy to stand with such this amazing king.

Hexi pursed her lips. Her eyes gleamed with faint satisfaction and sweetness. She quietly grabbed the hand of the man behind her.

Tong Bing stared blankly at Xi Yue who was surrounded by everyone, smiling sweetly.

His heart was full of envy. Xi Yue was always the focus of the crowd, the darling of everyone.

He also likes men. They are disgusted about me, but when they talk about Xi Yue, they feel that Xi Yue and Xuan Mu are a good match.

As long as Xi Yue exists, I will always be like dust, being isolated and completely ignored.

Brother Xuan Mu never even look at him.

He remembered the person who asked him before departing: Entering Miracle Healer Academy with the Foundation Establishment stage is considered very good, but because of the existence of Xi Yue that you appear so incompetent, don’t you hate him?

Tong Bing clenched his hands hidden in his sleeves. His nails were embedded deep into his flesh.

He was so jealous of Xi Yue to the point of hating her.


In the depths of the magical beast forest, there were towering trees all over the place. The forest was surrounded by clouds and mist all year round.

This was a forbidden place for humans and a holy place for beastkins. No human martial artist could enter this area, not even a demigod who had broken through to the Soul Splitting Stage.

So, no one knew that there was a palace on a clearing in this jungle.

This palace was not luxurious and noble but simple and elegant.

At this time, in the palace, a young man with long hair hanging down to the ground and gorgeous eyes was sitting at the top, looking down lazily.

Kneeling below were many good-looking boys and girls, but they more or less retained the characteristics of beastkin.

Some were ears, some were tails, and others were partial scales.

A beastkin could transform itself when it became an adult, but once it was severely damaged, it would reveal its real body and transfigure a part of its real body.

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