Chapter 1358: Revenge

Chapter 1358: Revenge

A handsome young man knelt on the ground, but he had a dark scar on his face. His left hand hanging on the ground was severed too.

The young man said with a hoarse voice full of resentment and pain, “… those human beings are even more ruthless than the demons in hell. We watched our brothers and sisters die in their hands one by one, but there was nothing we could do. King, you must avenge us!”

After the young man finished speaking, he slammed his head on the ground.

The other beastkins who were kneeling behind the young man recalled their painful experience during this period and remembered those relatives and friends who had died. They cried bitterly and kept kowtowing while kneeling on the ground.

The man in red clothes sitting at the top breathed out slowly. He made a captivating smile, but his words were filled with malice, “Human beings are really getting more and more greedy and stupid. It seems that if we don’t teach them a lesson, they will really think that we beastkin is easy to be bullied!”

At this moment, a girl kneeling behind the boy raised her head and said in a sobbing tone, “King, there are good people among humans too. This time, we were saved by 3 humans. Otherwise, we would be trapped in that dark dungeon until we die. “

The eyelashes of the man in red clothes trembled, and he said in a deep voice, “Our kind always repay kindness and enmity. Li Yu, do you know who saved you?”

The girl shook her head, bit her lips and said, “I don’t know their identities, but if I meet them again, I can sense their smell…”

Before Li Yu could finish speaking, the boy who kowtowed first interrupted her abruptly and said hatefully, “King, although I don’t know who saved us, I do know where is the person who harmed us!”

Oh? Where?”

The young man suddenly raised his head, and his eyes were sparkling with blazing fire, “It’s Miracle Healer Academy. I saw the plaque. We have been imprisoned in the courtyard of Miracle Healer Academy!”

The man in red clothes’ eyes suddenly turned cold as he murmured, “Miracle Healer Academy, hehe. Miracle Healer Academy, very good! Really good!”

At this moment, a report came from outside the door.

A pangolin beastkin that was not fully transformed ran in, knelt down in front of the man in red clothes and said, “King, there are many human martial artists approaching the magical beast forest in airships.”

The man in red clothes frowned and said, “Do you know who it is?”

The pangolin beastkin immediately nodded and said: “My subordinates have already sent skylark to investigate. It is the students and elders of Miracle Healer Academy who have come to practice in the magical beast forest, and they want to capture the beastkin cubs alive!”


“How dare they—!!”

As soon as the pangolin beastkin said this, all the beastkin in the palace were in an uproar.

The young man with borken arm even jumped up from the ground and said hatefully, “Those scum, those demons; they actually dare to come to the magical beast forest.”

The young man looked up at the man in red clothes. His eyes were full of burning hatred and pleading, “King, please let me personally lead the army of magical beasts and tear our enemies to pieces!”

The man in red clothes sneered and slowly stood up from his seat, “I didn’t go to them, but they even delivered themselves to our door. Hehe, good, this saves me a lot of trouble.”

“Feng Luan, remember, don’t kill them all at once, let them taste the pain that is worse than death.”

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