Chapter 1359: Bad Premonition

Chapter 1359: Bad Premonition

“As King commands!” Feng Luan knelt on the ground excitedly. When he raised his head, his face was already twisted with hatred, “I will let them all taste the hellish fear and pain the moment they close their eyes!”


The speed of the airships was very fast. After only a day and a night of flying, the magical beast forest had already appeared in sight.

The magical beast forest occupied an unimaginably large area, almost across the borders of 5 countries in the Miluo Continent.

There were rare materials in the forest that were unimaginable outside, and this was one of the reasons why beastkins only lived in this place and rarely come out to attack the human kingdom.

Hexi stood on the deck and looked down. All she could see was the lush vegetation, and she couldn’t see the situation inside at all.

However, she frowned, “It’s so strange!”

Nangong Yu stepped forward, embraced her from behind and said softly, “What’s wrong?”

Hexi looked down, “Nangong Yu, you have entered the magical beast forest many times right?”

Nangong Yu nodded, “But it’s only the peripheral area, and I haven’t gone deep into the real hinterland.”

Hexi asked, “Is the magical beast forest you entered also like this?”

“What are you referring to?” Nangong Yu didn’t understand her for a while.

“Quiet, deathly quiet.” Hexi said in a deep voice, “Even if I release my Divine Sense, I can’t detect any aura of living things. Even these trees exude a smell of death.”

Nangong Yu was taken aback for a moment, then he let out his Divine Sense and his eyes also turned gloomy slightly.

He really didn’t realize it before Hexi reminded him. Now that he examined it carefully, the magical beast forest was really terribly silent. It seemed to be shrouded in an ominous aura of death.

Hexi curled her fingers and tapped the ship’s side lightly. Her delicate eyebrows were slightly frowned, “For some reason, I have a bad feeling.”

At this moment, Wei Chengyuan came to look for Hexi. When he heard her words, he couldn’t help but nervously said, “Xi Yue, did you notice something’s wrong?”

Wei Chengyuan’s voice was a little louder, which quickly attracted the attention of many people.

Hexi didn’t hide it, but she just repeated her worries, “No matter how lush the vegetation is, it’s impossible not to see a bird. This kind of quietness is like a pre-set trap, waiting for us to jump into it ourselves.”

The people of the Huang Medical Branch had unconditional trust in Hexi. Hearing what she said, their expression immediately became dignified and anxious.

But immediately, a soft and pleasant female voice broke the atmosphere, “Xi Yue, I know you are just at the Foundation Establishment stage, so it is normal to be afraid of entering the magical beast forest, but you don’t know anything about the magical beast forest at all. Magical beast forest is indeed dangerous, but the real danger lies in the depths of tens of miles deep in the forest. In this peripheral area, even if there are magical beasts and beastkins, they are not to be feared. You don’t have to be so nervous that you even affect other people students’ emotions.”

Hexi looked up, not surprised that Lu Zhixi would speak at such a time.

She wasn’t interested in talking nonsense with her either, so she just sneered, turned around and entered the cabin.

The people of the Huang Medical Branch followed behind Hexi without even looking at Lu Zhixi.

Among the remaining students, some agreed with Lu Zhixi and some were jealous of Xi Yue, but none of them dared to speak out.

Xi Yue had already proved her strength with her actions. There were very few people in this school who could beat her, but there were many who had been treated by him and had taken her medicinal pills.

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