Chapter 1360: Arrangement

Chapter 1360: Arrangement

Lu Zhixi only felt that the rhetoric she brewed was like hitting the cotton.

She felt aggrieved that her body trembled slightly because of anger.

Everyone used to listen to her, respected her and praised her in the past, but Xi Yue has stolen most of her limelight after coming in for a few months.

If this person is going to die, he must die in the magical beast forest!

Soon, the airships hovered above the magical beast forest.

The airships shield opened, and each student and elder controlled their flying magic weapons to slowly descend from the sky.

Young men and women, with fluttering robes, descended from the sky. This scene was spectacular.

When the students of Miracle Healer Academy landed, they all maintained an elegant posture. There was a hint of self-satisfaction and arrogance on their faces.

They were the most anticipated and admired children in the Miluo Continent.

However, this group of people did not realize that in the darkness, there were many scarlet eyes staring at them, waiting to pull them into the abyss.

The last student landed in the forest, and the airships were kept away by Dean Li Chengqun.

The vegetation in the forest was dense. It was impossible to find a spacious open space to gather so many students.

However, when the first few elders landed, they had already waved their long swords and cut down all the surrounding trees.

Deputy Dean Jiang, who led the team, was also full of worries at first, but now he had checked within a radius of more than 10 kilometers and found that there were only some low and intermediate level magical beasts, and he was immediately relieved.

It seems that this time the trip is not so dangerous.

Although the magical beast forest was full of dangers, what really scared people was the high-level beastkin hidden deep in the forest. But those high-level beastkins had an agreement with the human powerhouses. Most of the time they would not come out at will.

Deputy Dean Jiang cleared his throat and explained the rules and arrangements of the operation to the students below.

In summary:

First, they were divided into 9 groups, namely the 8 branches of the academy and the elite class where Lu Zhixi and others belong, also known as the “pioneer branch” of Miracle Healer Academy.

Second, each group would be assigned a branch dean and 3-5 elders to protect the safety of the students.

Third, everyone’s mission is to hunt beastkin cubs. When calculating the scores, they would be divided into individual and group calculations. The performance of everyone would be counted by Deputy Dean Jiang and academy elders in the dark.

Most people had no objection to this.

However, someone from the leading branch suddenly said, “Deputy Dean Jiang, I think, according to the strength of Senior Xuan Mu and Xi Yue, they should be assigned to our pioneer branch. Only us who have capable strength can cooperate with them well so as to better complete the mission!”

“Besides, there are only a few dozen people in Huang Medical Branch, and the overall strength is also obvious. With such a huge disparity in strength, it would be lucky if they don’t drag us down. Master Xuan Mu, Xi Yue, what do you think?”

As soon as this remark came out, the people of Huang Medical Branch suddenly rioted collectively. At the same time, they looked at Xuan Mu and Xi Yue with a little worry.

“Fuck you—!” Qian Dazhuang cursed angrily, “Our Huang Medical Branch can’t have people with powerful strength? Why should our people go to your group? You bastards can’t wait to see us all die in the magical beast forest right?”

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