Chapter 1361: Very Dangerous

Chapter 1361: Very Dangerous

Chen Xiaofeng also sneered and said, “When you expelled Xi Yue from Heaven Medical Branch, why didn’t you say that he didn’t belong to Huang Medical Branch? Only now you such a thing? Won’t you feel embarrassed? Do you all even feel shameful!”

The young man from the pioneer branch who spoke looked pale. He said while bearing the humiliation, “Then even if Xi Yue stays in Huang Medical Branch, at least Senior Xuan Mu should join other branch. Even if it’s not our pioneer branch, he can join the Heaven or Earth Medical Branch! It would be too wasteful to let him be with a group of trash with the strength of senior!”

The young man’s words immediately made everyone in the other branches felt eager.

No one didn’t know about Xuan Mu’s strength. If he could joined their groups, whether it was their scores or safety, it would be guaranteed.

Tong Bing looked at Xuan Mu expectantly, thinking that as long as Xuan Mu’s brother went to another branch, he must follow. He would never leave Xuan Mu’s side.

All eyes fell on Xuan Mu.

However, Xuan Mu treated like they didn’t exist. Not to mention their sight, he didn’t even put these people into his eyes at all.

His eyes fell on Xi Yue as he said in a deep voice, “It’s dangerous here, follow me.”

As soon as these words came out, Nangong Yu’s eyes turned gloomy immediately. He looked over coldly: Do I need you to protect my woman?

But the people from Huang Medical Branch let out a long sigh of relief. There were smiles on their faces.

Zhang Yi, the youngest, even made a grimace at the people in the other branches and said with a grin, “Senior Xuan Mu is willing to come here only because Brother Xi Yue is here. He wants to protect Brother Xi Yue. You want Xuan Mu to go to your group? In your dream!”

The faces of the people in other branches all turned green due to shame, but the people of the Huang Medical Branch laughed loudly.

Zeng Shouyue was also in a happy mood. He even said generously, “If you really think it’s unfair, you don’t need to assign the accompanying elders to us. It’s enough for me to protect my students!”

Lu Zhixi’s face turned grim. She made a gesture to the people next to her.

Immediately, 2 Doctors Association elders and 1 academy elder stood up and said, “We are ordered to accompany and protect the students of Huang Medical Branch. This is our duty. We must follow.”

Of course, Zeng Shouyue would not object to 3 more people protecting the students. After receiving the inscribed jade slip for emergency help, he took the students of the Huang Medical Branch and left first.

Looking at these people leaving, Lu Zhixi showed a sneer.


Hexi walked side by side with Nangong Yu and Xuan Mu in the dense jungle.

The excited voice of the Huang Medical Branch could be heard from time to time in the distance as they hunted down low-level magical beasts.

Although hunting low-level magical beasts was not the mission of this trial, the inner core of magical beasts was very good for cultivation. Of course, they would not let them go.

Hexi looked around and frowned deeply.

Everything here is normal. There is no dead silence. Low-level magical beasts, birds, small animals, green vegetation; everything here is very similar to a normal mountain forest.

But why does it look so weird from a distance on the airship?

“Is it really my illusion?”

Hexi’s murmured voice was heard by Nangong Yu and Xuan Mu. Xuan Mu responded immediately, “No, this place… is very dangerous!”

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