Chapter 1362: Beastkin Cub

Chapter 1362: Beastkin Cub

Tong Bing had been following behind the three of them step by step. He really wanted to stand beside Xuan Mu, and even being cuddled in his arms.

However, Tong Bing turned his eyes to Xi Yue. As long as Xi Yue was around, Xuan Mu wouldn’t even look at him.

Hearing Xuan Mu say that this place was very dangerous, Tong Bing shuddered subconsciously and wanted to step forward and grab Xuan Mu’s sleeve, but he silently withdrew his hand.

Nangong Yu didn’t bother to quarrel with Xuan Mu anymore. He frowned and said, “This place seems to be the same as other places in the magical beast forest, but I always have a strange feeling…”

Nangong Yu hadn’t finished speaking when an exclamation came not far away.

“Beastkin, it’s a beastkin cub. I found a beastkin cub that can transform. Everyone come here!”

As soon as these words came out, Hexi’s complexion changed slightly. Her figure flickered and disappeared in place.

Nangong Yu and Xuan Mu also disappeared at the same time.

No one cared about Tong Bing behind him, and no one gave him a hand. Everyone, including Xi Yue, seemed to have forgotten his existence.

Tong Bing’s eyes were slightly red. There was a flash of deep jealousy in his eyes. He enchanted his feet with a gale wind spell and quickly ran toward the direction of the sound.


It was not a student of Huang Medical Branch who found the beastkin cub, but a medicinal boy of an elder of the Doctors Association.

When Hexi arrived, she saw only a beautiful girl surrounded by dozens of people. Her face was full of panic.

This girl looked to be only 12 years old, not much older than Xiao Li, and her appearance was almost the same as that of a human child.

However, Hexi could detect the beastkin aura surging from this girl without using Divine Sense to investigate carefully.

The medicinal boy who found the girl said with excitement, “This beastkin cub has transformed so perfectly, the inherited bloodline must be very rare. Master, if we can catch her, President Lu will definitely…”

Before the medicinal boy finished speaking, he was glared at by Elder Chen of the Doctors Association and stopped talking immediately.

But Elder Chen was very excited. Their real purpose here was not to hunt beastkin cubs, but he also knew how eager the president and the people above were to get the inherited bloodline beastkin. If this beastkin could be caught, his future status in the Doctors Association… No, perhaps, he might still be favored by those above.

The students of Huang Medical Branch all showed expressions of unbearable.

Several girls even frowned and said, “Could we have made a mistake? This is obviously a little girl. We… we are so many, how can we attack a little girl?”

Elder Chen’s medicinal boy snorted and said with a sneer, “Have you forgotten the purpose of this trip? The beastkin aura on this little beastkin is almost overflowing, and you still can’t smell it? You guys are indeed trash?”

The students of Huang Medical Branch all had ugly faces.

The 2 elders of the Doctors Association also glanced at them contemptuously. Elder Chen took out a magic weapon similar to a whip and lashed at the surrounded little girl.

Ah!” The little girl staggered and stumbled over, crying out in pain.

Her original legs also turned into the shape of a snake because of the pain.

“It’s a snake beastkin, and it’s a very rare amethyst snake in the Miluo Continent. Hahaha, we got a big one!”

Seeing the little girl transformed into a half-snake, Elder Chen became excited, “Quick, you guy surround her quickly. I want to put her in my Qian Kun Mirror.”

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