Chapter 1363: There Are Traps

Chapter 1363: There Are Traps

Most of the students of Huang Medical Branch showed a look of unbearable, some couldn’t help but said, “Even if she is a beastkin, she is just a child. So many of us deal with a little girl, it’s too…”

Bah! What little girl!” Elder Chen’s medicinal boy said with contempt and disgust, “If she is not of our race, her heart must be different. Beastkin is beastkin after all. They are born to be enslaved by us. They thought they could live like normal people by turning themselves into human appearance? Hehe, stop dreaming!”

The scene was silent. Even though the people from Huang Medical Branch felt pity, they all stopped their movements when they thought of the phrase “If she is not of our race, her heart must be different”.

At this time, no one noticed that the little girl who was knocked down on the ground showed a cold and malicious light in her drooping eyes.

Seeing that Elder Chen was about to use the Qian Kun Mirror to take away the little beastkin, the little beastkin let out a strange cry, then she turned into a small snake and fled toward the distance.

“Hurry up, don’t let her run away!” Elder Chen yelled and anxiously chased after her.

Although the people from Huang Medical Branch couldn’t bear it, after remembering the purpose of this trip, they also chased after her.

Zeng Shouyue always felt that something was wrong, but before he could call the students back, those people had already hurriedly chased after her.

He stomped his feet, and he had no choice but to say to the rest of the crowd, “Follow me! Also, don’t leave too far from me!”

The group of people clamored while chasing in the direction where the little snake fled.

Hexi, Nangong Yu and Xuan Mu also followed slowly with indescribable seriousness in their eyes.

They flew at low altitude at high speed for about 15 minutes, then Elder Chen suddenly screamed in front, “No, it’s a trap!”

Ahh!!” Followed by the miserable scream of the Medicinal Boy.

The scream was so sharp and terrifying that the hearts of everyone who were still flying forward were tense. There was a bit of fear on their faces.

The next moment, everyone felt a blur in front of their eyes. A mist rose from the forest, covering everyone.

The person who was originally flying in mid-air suddenly fell from the air, unable to fly anymore.

Zeng Shouyue got up from the ground in embarrassment and hurriedly looked around.

Everything in front was normal, and there didn’t seem to be any fatal crisis, but there seemed to be a white mist in the distance.

However, when Zeng Shouyue was about to fly again, he found that he seemed to be suppressed by something.

Someone couldn’t help asking in panic, “I seem to have heard a scream just now? What happened? Where’s Elder Chen?”

As soon as this person finished speaking, everyone saw 2 figures ejected from the white mist in front and fell heavily in front of them.

Seeing these 2 people, everyone gasped in unison.

These 2 people were Elder Chen and his medicinal boy. Both of them were covered with scars.

Elder Chen was better. Although his head and face were covered with scars and blood, after he consumed a medicinal pill, the wounds began to heal slowly.

But that medicinal boy could almost be described as horrible.

His face was completely blood. His nose and ears had been bitten off by something, revealing jagged wounds.

One of his legs was missing, and it was bleeding. It seemed to be forcibly torn off by something.

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