Chapter 1365: King of the Forest

Chapter 1365: King of the Forest

“Confinement space?” Hexi murmured and repeated.

Nangong Yu, who was about to speak, and Xuan Mu, who was silent, looked over in surprise.

Nangong Yu said, “Xi’er, you know about enclosed space?”

Because of Xuan Mu’s presence, Hexi couldn’t explain it, so she could only vaguely say, “I’ve seen something similar in ancient books before.”

Nangong Yu nodded and said, “This is exactly a confinement space, and it is cast by beastkin.”

“Is there a way to crack it?”

Nangong Yu frowned, “If we didn’t enter the enclosed space, it would be easy to break the array. But now that we are deep inside the array, it will be a little troublesome.”

Hexi looked at Nangong Yu, then at Xuan Mu. Her face also looked solemn.

Xuan Mu, who had always been reticent, suddenly said coldly, “Only beastkins above rank 9 can activate the confinement space.”

Hexi gasped.

A rank 7 magical beast is already extremely difficult for me to deal with. A beastkin who is above rank 9 and is much stronger and smarter than the magical beast, what kind of overpowered existence is that?

Nangong Yu hugged her into his arms and said softly, “Don’t be afraid, as long as I’m here, no one can hurt you.”

As they were talking, there was a faint clamor and screams in the distance.

“Everyone be careful, there is an ambush—! It’s a high level array!”

Hexi frowned. She heard Wei Chengyuan’s voice. It seemed that not only Huang Medical Branch was caught in this trap, but most likely the entire Miracle Healer Academy.

What on earth are the beastkins in the magical beast forest trying to do? Do they… want to wipe us out?

As soon as Hexi thought of this, Hexi saw a large group of people thrown in by some powerful force.

This time it was the students of the Heaven Medical Branch.

Compared with the people in Huang Medical Branch, among this group of people, there were 4 people who were injured as badly as Elder Chen’s medicinal boy.

Every one of them was bloody, missing arms and legs, and even disemboweled.

They were dead before their companions could feed them medicinal pills.

Wei Chengyuan got up from the ground carrying the dust, looked around, and soon saw Hexi.

“Xi Yue, you’re here too.” Wei Chengyuan rushed over happily, “What kind of place is this? Why are you…”

Hexi glanced at the group of students who died miserably and frowned, “Did you meet beastkin cubs and chase them here?”

Wei Chengyuan’s eyes widened, “You too?”

He looked around with a gloomy face, “Although I don’t know the array here, this array is very profound. I can’t even find the center and eyes of the array. Is this… a trap for us? Who is setting us up?”

“What? This is a trap?” The students of Heaven Medical Branch were surprised and angry when they heard Wei Chengyuan’s words, “Who is so vicious to set a trap against our Miracle Healer Academy? Are they tired of living?”

Hexi squinted, feeling a little surprised, “This is the magical beast forest. No human can do whatever they want here, except… the king beastkin of this forest.”

“Beastkin?” Wei Chengyuan showed a look of shock, “Xi Yue, you mean, it is a who set the trap for us?”

“How is it possible?!” Someone immediately retorted, “Even if those beastkins can transfigure human form, they are still just animals! I admit that their strength is good, but how can they have the brains to set such a trap?”

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