Chapter 1366: Explore the Way

Chapter 1366: Explore the Way

“Yeah! Beastkins are just animals after all. The best they can do is to stay with us as spiritual pets. Hehe, where did they get the brains to plot against us?”

Hexi frowned, looking at this group of people like looking at fools.

Wei Chengyuan, Zeng Shouyue, and most of the Huang Medical Branch were lost in thought. They all had solemn expressions.

There were always someone who thought they were superior. They felt that beastkins were born stupid and inferior to themselves. They were still ignorant even at this point.

In the void, Little Golden Dragon originally planned to come out to see if he could help break the array.

Hearing these people’s words, he immediately burst into a rage and refused to come out.

Xiao Li even said with a serious face, “These scumbags are worse than animals. They should all be damned!”

If it weren’t for these greedy and stupid human beings, how could Wu Qi be in such an unknown state now?

I wish that all these bad guys would die!

Little Egg and Little Dumb Cow, of course, shared the same hatred with Xiao Li, and they went along, “Mother, these are bad people. Let’s not help them and let them be bitten to death by beastkins!”

Hexi didn’t respond to the little ones, but her expression became more and more solemn.

Even my spiritual pets react like this? What about the beastkin outside?

Time passed by bit by bit. Another half an hour later, Hexi and the others were still trapped in the “confinement space”.

However, people from other branches of Miracle Healer Academy were lured here one after another.

An hour later, even Lu Zhixi and others from the pioneer branch and Deputy Dean Jiang, who was in charge of protecting them, were drawn into the white mist.

A small open space was densely packed with students and elders.

On this clearing, except for a small cave, there was not even any place to rest.

However, the number of corpses lying on the side had increased to 20. Each of which was beyond recognition.

When Deputy Dean Jiang couldn’t do anything about the array shrouded in white mist, all the students finally panicked.

There was also a trace of panic in Lu Zhixi’s eyes. She never thought that she would encounter such danger.

However, she calmed down soon and pulled an elder of the Doctors Association to whisper a few words in his ear.

Hearing Lu Zhixi’s words, the gray-haired elder’s eyes darkened. He jumped up and grabbed a student of the Huang Medical Branch.

The student only had Meridians Stage cultivation. When he saw a martial artist at the Nascent Soul Stage grabbing him, he froze in place and couldn’t move.

The gray-haired elder grabbed the student and threw him into the white mist.

Ahh!” The student screamed tragically. His eyes were full of despair and fear.

The next moment, a purple light flashed, quickly wrapped around the student’s body and pulled him back into the array.

There were already several wounds on the student’s back. Each of which was deep enough to see the bones.

When he was pulled back, he was in a state of panic and his body kept shaking.

When he raised his head and saw the handsome young man in front and the purple vines curling around his body, he couldn’t help crying out loud, “Xi Yue, Xi Yue—! Woooo—!

Hexi’s face was as cold as frost, and he stared coldly at the gray-haired elder, “What are you doing?”

The gray-haired elder glanced at the surviving boy displeasedly and snorted coldly, “This array is so profound that we can’t dispel in a short time, so we of course need someone to explore the way. Don’t you want all of us to be trapped to death?”

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