Chapter 1367: Law of the Jungle

Chapter 1367: Law of the Jungle

“The so-called exploring the way is to let our Huang Medical Branch people die? To be bait?!” Qian Dazhuang shouted violently. His tiger eyes widened. He was really angry, “Why don’t you let the people of your pioneer branch to explore the way? Why use our people?!”

Zeng Shouyue was also full of anger. He glared at the gray-haired elder fiercely, “Elder Qi, you didn’t inform me, and you sent my student to die? What do you mean?!”

The gray-haired Elder Qi didn’t feel guilty at all when he heard the words. Instead, he said mockingly, “Who made you the weakest? The law of the jungle is the rule of this world. Is it that you want to use the Gold Core Stage elites as bait instead of the Meridians Stage trash? Hehe, to be able to explore the way for us, it is your honor!”

The people of the Huang Medical Branch trembled angrily when they heard these words.

The people of the other branches all looked at each other in blank dismay. They gradually stepped back.

They didn’t want to be trapped to death here, and they didn’t want to be the bait. It would be the best if people of the Huang Medical Branch could be used as the bait to crack the array.

Hexi sneered sinisterly. Her eyes flickered, but her expression became even more aggressive, “Okay? The law of jungle, right? Very good! I remember you are an elder who follows the Earth Medical Branch, right?”

“I will tell you right now. Who dares to touch a person of the Huang Medical Branch, I will throw 10 people from your branch into the white mist. If you don’t believe me, you can try it!”

As soon as the words were finished, purple vines suddenly emerged behind Hexi, swaying in the wind with a menacing aura.

The deans of several branches and the elders of the Doctors Association all turned pale when they heard such a threat.

Elder Qi even sternly said, “Xi Yue, you are just a trash at the Foundation Establishment stage. Dare to threaten us? Do you really think we dare not kill…”

Elder Qi hadn’t finished his sentence, and he felt 2 terrifyingly powerful coercions rushing toward his face.

Poof—” He suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and he fell to his knees.

Nangong Yu and Xuan Mu took 2 steps forward and stood beside Hexi.

Nangong Yu’s icy eyes swept over all the Nascent Soul Stage martial artists present and said in a deep voice, “Who dares to touch Xi Yue! I guarantee you, you will regret living in this world!”

Xuan Mu’s words were concise, but the meaning was also very clear, “Whoever touches Xi Yue, die!”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone present was dumbfounded.

The elders at the Nascent Soul Stage were all ashen-faced and wanted to vent their anger, but because they felt the overwhelming strength of these 2 people, they were so aggrieved that they couldn’t move.

Looking at the purple vines flying behind Xiyue, people of the other branches all looked fearful. They were worried that Xiyue would turn her anger on them.

The people of the Huang Medical Branch stood behind Hexi with a smile and proud faces.

They used to be the most frustrated and saddest people in Miracle Healer Academy, but now they were the proudest people.

Because Xi Yue came to Huang Medical Branch; because Xi Yue was willing to help them, willing to stand behind them, to protect them from being humiliated and not considering them as sacrifices.

They had never been so fortunate to be classmates with Xi Yue.

In the entire Huang Medical Branch, Tong Bing was the only one with a pale face. Standing alone in the corner and looking at Xuan Mu who was guarding Hexi’s side, he felt his heart was riddled with jealousy bit by bit.

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