Chapter 1368: This Is Human

Chapter 1368: This Is Human

In the confinement space of the white mist, people from Miracle Healer Academy were making noises endlessly.

Lu Zhixi and the people of the Doctors Association didn’t give up. The people of the Huang Medical Branch couldn’t be touched, then no one was stopping them from touching the people from other branches?

This white mist array was full of dangers. There were unknown dangers waiting for them. How could they just wait for their own death?

However, would anyone be willing to be sacrificed? Of course not!

So the entire confinement space became chaotic; some people cried, some cursed, some went mad, and some were thrown into the white mist miserably.

In the distance, a boy without a palm was leaning on a big tree, watching the scene in the white mist with great interest. A bloodthirsty smile was shown on his face from time to time.

Suddenly, a little purple snake emerged from the ground. In a flash, it slowly transformed into a 12 years old girl, then she slowly transformed from a girl into a graceful woman with long hair.

It turned out that this girl was the amethyst snake beastkin who had just lured Hexi and the others into the confinement space. She was not a beastkin cub at all, but a high-level beastkin who had cultivated for thousands of years. She had already been transformed into a human.

The long-haired woman walked to the side of the young man, leaned her frail and boneless body against him, giggled and said, “Feng Luan, don’t you hate them to the bone? What are you waiting for?”

The young man glanced at her with an interesting smile, “Look, these are human beings, greedy, stupid, and selfish. Even at such a critical moment of life and death, they only care about their own interests. Hehe, I don’t even have to do anything, and they are already fighting.”

The long-haired woman laughed even more when she heard the words. Her undulating chest was alluring, “Feng Luan, you don’t just plan to watch them kill each other, do you?”

“How is it possible? Wouldn’t that be too easy for them?” Feng Luan gritted his teeth with burning hatred in his eyes, “Just wait for it. It’s just an appetizer now. The real hell is waiting for them later! “

As Feng Luan was talking, a shadow suddenly flashed beside him. A beautiful and elegant girl appeared beside him.

The girl’s face showed a bit of anxiety, and she said as soon as she saw Feng Luan, “Feng Luan, I can feel the aura of our benefactor among those people, what should we do? We can’t repay kindness with enmity…”

Before the girl could finish her words, the long-haired woman suddenly said in shock, “No, someone among them can break the array!”

Feng Luan and the beautiful girl immediately looked over upon hearing this.

7 people walked out of the crowd, walking toward the 7 directions of the white mist.

Each of them held a metal magic weapon in their hands. They stood in a specific position, and the magic weapons in their hands also began to accumulate energy.

Feng Luan’s face changed drastically, “How could it be? They are standing in the direction of the array eyes? How do they know the position of the array eyes?”

“And metal restrains wood!” The long-haired woman said anxiously, “If the array eyes are destroyed, the array center will definitely be revealed. At that time, the confinement space will also be dispelled.”

Feng Luan clenched his hands into fists. His eyes were full of crazy killing and tyranny. He gritted his teeth and said, “Even if they find the array eyes, so what? As long as I kill them before they break the array, I can trap all these people to death!”

As he said that, Feng Luan turned into a hurricane and rushed toward the direction of the white mist.

The beautiful girl stretched out her hand anxiously, trying to grab Feng Luan, but it was in vain.

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