Chapter 1369: The King of Beastkin

Chapter 1369: The King of Beastkin

With an anxious expression on her face, she shouted, “Feng Luan, among those 7 people are our benefactors, don’t hurt them! Please don’t hurt them!”

The long-haired woman was not worried about this, but she said with a little panic, “Li Yu, I’m going to inform the king. 2 of these 7 people are very powerful, so strong that I feel afraid just looking at them. Feng Luan is definitely not their opponent!”

Oh? Soul Splitting Stage? And there are two of them? Really interesting.” The lazy and magnetic male voice suddenly came from behind the two.

The long-haired woman and Li Yu suddenly turned their heads and knelt in surprise and awe, “King, why are you here?”

Appearing behind the 2 of them was a man with an unparalleled face. At this time, he was still a young man, wearing a dark red robe, which made his face unparalleled.

The man’s gaze was fixed on the white mist in the distance. There was indifferent cruelty in his voice, “Of course, I came to see how miserable the people who tortured my people will end up. However, I discovered an interesting toy by accident.”

The long-haired woman showed a complimenting smile and said, “I was just worrying about Feng Luan’s safety, but now that King is here, they will never be able to destroy this confinement space.”

The man in a red robe smiled leisurely and did not speak. He looked at the crowd in the white mist as if he were looking at a group of lowly ants. He said casually, “Let Feng Luan keep a hundred people, my Toad Jade Palace just needs some servants who can entertain me. Hehe, just abolish their cultivation.”

“On your command, king!”

Seeing that the man in a red robe was about to disappear and step into the confinement space, Li Yu, who had been thinking, finally couldn’t help saying, “King, Li Yu still has something to report!”

The man in a red robe paused, turned around and looked at her with gentle eyes.

Li Yu swallowed and took a deep breath. She seemed to have calmed down, and seemed to be soothed by the King’s soft eyes. She finally spoke, “King, there are 3 people in that group who saved us. It was them who broke into that dreadful dungeon that night and got us all out.”

“Moreover, I also got Sister Lian Qing’s last words. She said that it was a young man who saved her from being humiliated by human beings. That young man was accompanied by a fox beastkin. He broke into the dungeon to save a wolf beastkin. Although she still did not escape the fate of death in the end, she was really grateful to that boy before she died.”

“King!” Li Yu raised her head and looked at the man in a red robe with clear eyes, “King, I also hate those humans who imprisoned us and hurt us, but this boy and his 2 companions are very very good people. Can we let them go?”

The man in a red robe looked slightly dazed.

The long-haired woman’s eyes were red, and she sobbed softly, “Sister Lian Qing, wuuu… Sister Lian Qing…”

Then she knelt down and said, “King, please let Sister Lian Qing’s saviors go!”

The man in the red robe sighed and said, “Okay! You point out those three people, and I will send them out of the confinement space and throw them into a certain place in the magical beast forest. Whether they live or die after that depends entirely on their luck.” .”

Li Yu was overjoyed and quickly kowtowed, “Thank you, Wang!”

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