Chapter 1370: Break the Array

Chapter 1370: Break the Array

Li Yu was overjoyed and quickly kowtowed, “Thank you, King!”

She stood up, pointed to the direction of Hexi, Nangong Yu and Xuan Mu in the white mist array with incomparable precision, and said in a crisp voice, “King, I’m transformed from Yue Min Bird. We are born with the most sensitive 5 senses, so I will never sense it wrong.”

2 Soul Splitting Stages, 1 Meridians Stage peak stage, really interesting combination.

The man in a red robe raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Okay, as you wish!”


In the confinement space.

The elders of the Doctors Association looked at Nangong Yu suspiciously and distrustfully.

Although this person seemed to have a good cultivation base, his appearance didn’t look good. His body didn’t exude any aura at all. He didn’t look like a person who can break such a powerful array.

Elder Qi sneered and said, “With just 7 Gold Core Stage, do you really think you can break the array? You are simply overreaching yourself.”

In the confinement space, there were 7 people standing in 7 directions.

Most of them belonged to Huang Medical Branch, but because there were too few people from the Huang Medical Branch, they could only rely on other branches to make up the number.

For example, Wei Chengyuan, Han Qianer, etc., and there were also students who were rescued by Hexi when they were searched for souls.

In Miracle Healer Academy, the person who had the deepest grudge against Xi Yue was the people from Heaven Medical Branch.

When they saw that Wei Chengyuan and Han Qianer, the most outstanding members of their branch, actually went to help their enemies, they all had extremely ugly faces.

Hearing Elder Qi’s words, they all showed mocking expressions.

But then, something that shocked everyone happened.

As the metal magical weapons in these people’s hands attacked, the originally thick white mist retreated tens of meters away.

Obviously, this attack was effective.

The few people standing at the array eyes were overjoyed. They quickly increased the output of spiritual power according to the instructions.

Hexi leaned against Nangong Yu. Seeing that he and Xuan Mu had settled the array eyes, just waiting for these 7 Gold Core Stage friends to completely break the confinement, she couldn’t help smiling a little, “I didn’t expect you to be able to even crack the confinement space.”

Nangong Yu smirked slightly. He glanced at Xuan Mu, then he hugged the girl into his arms, “Now you know how powerful your man is?”

Hexi’s ear tips were slightly red, but her eyes were shining without refuting.

Xuan Mu glanced at them, inexplicably feeling very displeased.

However, Nangong Yu said, “This is not a real confinement space. Maybe the other party didn’t expect that there would be me and that guy with such a level of cultivation, so he didn’t hide the array center. This is why I can break the array. Otherwise, even I can’t…”

Nangong Yu’s face suddenly changed before he finished speaking.

Immediately afterward, the thin white mist that had faded away suddenly thickened again. The boundary of the white mist returned to its original position.

The 7 people who were in charge of breaking the array seemed to be attacked by something and fell to the ground.

Although they were not seriously injured, they looked extremely ugly.

Nangong Yu’s eyes became dark for a moment, but a faint smile was evoked on his face. It was such an ordinary face, but it gave people a charming feeling for no reason.

“It’s a pity. It seems that the master here doesn’t want to let us out easily.”

Hexi’s complexion also changed slightly. She soon understood it, “The array center has been hidden?”

Before Nangong Yu answered, Hexi heard a low, charming and deep laughter from the air.

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