Chapter 1371: Demi-Divine Beast

Chapter 1371: Demi-Divine Beast

That laughter seemed to be careless and teasing as if looking at children. It also sounded high above, but it also contained tolerant and pampering. Hexi only felt itchy in her ears as if someone whispered in his ears, “What a cute little girl!.”

Nangong Yu’s face turned grim. He hugged Hexi tightly into his arms, looking at a certain place in the space with cold and sharp eyes.

Dare to tease my woman, this damn beastkin is simply tired of living.

In the void, Little Golden Dragon felt the powerful aura. He jumped up and shouted, “Damn, boss, this thing is actually a beastkin that exceeds rank 10. That’s close to a divine beast! It’s shit now!”

Since Little Golden Dragon had been with Little Egg for a long time, he was more eloquent with modern vocabulary.

Hexi was slightly taken aback when he heard the words, “Divine beast?”

“That’s right, Boss, if exceeding rank 10, he is already a demi-divine beast.” Little Golden Dragon sighed, “I didn’t expect there to be a demi-divine beast in the mere Miluo Continent. I really didn’t expect it. But since he is already a demi-divine beast, why is he still staying here! He can go to a higher plane! Is he stupid!?”

Hexi’s mouth twitched, and she said angrily, “Student Little Golden Dragon, I remember that you are only at rank 5 now, right? Aren’t you ashamed to say that?”

The Little Golden Dragon jumped up and said, “What’s wrong with rank 5? It’s only temporary. My inherited bloodline is much nobler than him. It is the rarest one. Back then, if I hadn’t failed in the tribulation, I would have surpassed him a long time ago. I wouldn’t even bat an eye on him.”

Hexi was amused. She comforted Little Golden Dragon several times to calm down the irritable guy.

However, from the tone of this divine beast, she didn’t seem to feel any malice.

The next moment, Hexi heard the low voice with a smile saying, “Feng Luan, remember to listen to Li Yu and release your saviors.”

Then there was another stubborn and respectful voice, “Yes, king!”

Everyone in the confinement space was caught off guard by this upheaval. No one reacted at all.

The next moment, a misty figure appeared in the white mist.

It was misty because everyone could see that he was a handsome young man, but one of his arms was severed.

However, his figure seemed to have melted into the white mist, swaying gently with the mist without substance.

Feng Luan stared at the humans in front with anger and hatred burning in his vertical pupils.

Although few of these people were the ones who imprisoned and tortured him.

But because of that captivity, he already hated all human beings.

Even, if it wasn’t for that little girl Li Yu who insisted on saving her saviors, he even wanted to torture and kill everyone here.

What kind of saviors? Maybe they just want to extract more value from us.

Human beings are all selfish, greedy, vicious, and evil.

In the past, I was so naive, so idiot, to believe in human beings. Until I was tortured by them to the present state and my only brother dies, I only woke up.

No one noticed that when seeing Feng Luan, Tong Bing showed a frightened and guilty expression on his face. He quietly moved a little closer behind Hexi and Xuan Mu, hiding in the shadows.

It was also because he hid so quickly that Feng Luan didn’t notice him at all.

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