Chapter 1373: Spy?!

Chapter 1373: Spy?!

The low cough made blow overflow from Nangong Yu’s lips, and his meridians were also injured due to such strangulation.

A hint of determination flashed in Hexi’s eyes, but her gaze looking at Nangong Yu was full of tenderness and reluctance.

The internal spiritual power was transmitted from the dantian to the meridians of the wrist, and the bones of the palm made a crackling sound. The originally weak and boneless hand seemed to have completely lost its skeleton and slipped out of Nangong Yu’s tight grip.

Nangong Yu’s eyes widened suddenly with a look of horror and resentment.

Hexi’s body receded due to inertia, but her eyes were fixed on Nangong Yu. Her voice was low and soft, “Yu, you go out first. I will wait for you to come back to me safely. Trust me!”


The Xuan Door Teleportation Array disappeared into the vast white mist. Nangong Yu and Xuan Mu disappeared, and Hexi was left behind in the confinement space. Her eyes were slightly cold.


At the same moment, in the Toad Jade Palace in the depths of the magical beast forest, the King who was carelessly manipulating the Xuan Door Teleportation Array and the confinement space suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. He sat on the chair with a pale face.

“King!!” Li Yu and Feng Luan, who had just returned, screamed, and rushed up together, helping the man in a red robe who had fallen to the ground.

The man’s face was still as charming as a boy’s, but there was a layer of bluish color appeared on his fair and flawless skin as if he had been poisoned by some kind of poison.

“King, what is wrong? I’ll ask the Doctor Tapir to treat you immediately!”

The man in a red robe shook his head, but his eyes were gloomy as if a dark storm was brewing, “Someone threw a Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk into the Xuan Door Teleportation Array I opened up, and my spiritual power is sealed by 80%.”



In the confinement space, Hexi stared in the direction where the Xuan Door Teleportation Array disappeared with dark and piercing eyes.

Although she told Nangong Yu to let go just now, the teleportation array was already unstable before that. It was unknown whether Nangong Yu and Xuan Mu were teleported out safely or they were flushed into the space turbulence.

Moreover, Nangong Yu was injured so badly, yet she was trapped in this kind of place.

“Xi Yue, you’d better explain it right away. What did the beastkin mean just now? Why did these beastkin let the 3 of you out? Could it be that you are colluding with them!”

“Xi Yue, are you a spy sent by the beastkins?!”

Hexi turned around and found that almost everyone here, the students and elders, glared at her.

Lu Zhixi took a step forward. Her usually soft voice was full of coldness and condemnation, “Xi Yue, I know that you usually have conflicts with the people in our other branches. I can understand that you want to leave us behind to deliberately revenge on us. However, the people of the Huang Medical Branch admired you the most, how can you be so heartless to abandon them?”

Lu Zhixi’s words won the support of most people of Miracle Healer Academy.

Many had taken her for granted as an accomplice of the beastkin.

As the saying goes, people who are not of my race must have a different heart, since Xi Yue was on the beastkin side, of course they wanted to get rid of her.

“Lu Zhixi, don’t judge a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain. We, Huang Medical Branch, never believe that Xi Yue would abandon us.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded among the students of Huang Medical Branch.

That was Chen Xiaofeng, the most eloquent and the highest IQ in Jin Zeyu’s team.

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