Chapter 1374: Abandon Your Ass

Chapter 1374: Abandon Your Ass

At this time, he held down Qian Dazhuang who was about to get rampant and slowly walked forward with piercing eyes, “You say that Hexi is an accomplice of the beastkin? Do you have evidence? If no, why are you talking nonsense?”

Lu Zhixi didn’t speak this time, and someone from Heaven Medical Branch immediately sneered, “If she and beastkin aren’t accomplices, why did the beastkin let the 3 of them out?”

“Are you an idiot?” Chen Xiaofeng sneered, “Didn’t you realize that the guards next to Xi Yue and Xuan Mu are the strongest among all of us? Although Xi Yue’s cultivation isn’t high, his medical skills are superb. Besides, just now because of Xi Yue and the others, this array was almost broken. Didn’t you think that it was a trick by beastkin to deliberately transfer them away so that they could attack us?”

Everyone was stunned by this remark for a moment. Some students seemed to believe it.

A dark light flashed in Lu Zhixi’s eyes, but a soft smile appeared on her mouth, “Since this is beastkin’s trick, then Classmate Xi Yue shouldn’t have left all of us behind. Everyone in Huang Medical Branch is his loyal follower. Don’t you all feel disappointed to be abandoned by the people you trust? In Xi Yue’s eyes, you are all abandoned!”

“Abandon your ass!!” Qian Dazhuang, who was suppressed by Chen Xiaofeng, finally couldn’t hold back his temper. He shouted loudly, “Lu Zhixi, you black-hearted poisonous woman, you think everyone is like you! Even Cai Yu, who is so devoted to you, you can easily abandon him! There’s nothing you can’t do!”

“Do we need you to tell me what kind of person Xi Yue is? If it weren’t because of Xi Yue, the people of the Huang Medical Branch would still be trampled by you like mud! Even if Xi Yue wants to leave first, so what, he doesn’t owe us anything. Why can’t he go out first? You actually have the nerve to sow discord here? Do you think we will let you, a vicious woman, get away with it?”

As soon as Qian Dazhuang said this, the people of the Huang Medical Branch immediately shouted.

“Yeah, Xi Yue has helped us enough. What has Lu Zhixi done! How can you say that to Xi Yue?”

“Even if Xi Yue goes out, I believe he will find a way to save us!”

“If it weren’t for Xi Yue, our lives would be worse than death. Otherwise, I’d rather die here!”

The chattering voices echoed in Lu Zhixi’s ears like harsh buzzing.

Lu Zhixi’s face was ashen; almost distorted.

She saw the group of people in Huang Medical Branch looking at Xi Yue with admiration and trust at this moment without any trace of resentment or anger in their eyes.

Simply, simply, worshipping him like a god!

Even though they saw Xi Yue abandoning them just now, this group of idiots still believe in Xi Yue? Why?!

The students in other branches were also discussing at this time. Some believed that Xi Yue was innocent, but most of them still condemned Xi Yue for running away.

Others mocked that she deserved to be left behind.

At this moment, Wei Chengyuan came out with a livid face. His cold eyes swept over Lu Zhixi and finally fell on the pitiful Tong Bing before saying coldly, “I think, have you guys figured out our situation yet? Do you know what is confinement space!?”

He picked up a stone and threw it into the white mist, and the stone bounced back suddenly. The stone that was originally the size of a fist suddenly became half smaller in an instant, leaving terrible scratches on it.

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