Chapter 1375: Not On Purpose

Chapter 1375: Not On Purpose

Seeing the half-sized stone and looking at the corpses not far away, everyone’s expressions became extremely ugly.

Wei Chengyuan kicked the stone away, then he continued with an ugly face, “The so-called confinement space has almost no array eyes and center. Just now Hexi and the others were able to find the array center because the other party was not on guard against our ability to break the array. But now the array center has been completely hidden, which means that this place is a completely airtight space. We have absolutely no way to escape now. Do you guys understand?”

The students of Miracle Healer Academy looked at each other. Some didn’t understand what Wei Chengyuan meant.

But an elder beside Lu Zhixi’s face turned livid in an instant, and he exclaimed in shock, “You… are you telling the truth?”

“Am I telling the truth? You can try it yourself.” Wei Chengyuan sneered, and his voice became even angry, “Originally, if Xi Yue and the others can escape smoothly, even if they are teleported far away, as long as they come back, they will be able to help us out. The confinement space is complicated, but it is possible to crack it outside the array.”

“But now? The teleportation array was destroyed. Xi Yue was left here, and Xuan Mu and the another one were swallowed by the void turbulence. We don’t even know if they can make it alive. Do you know what this means?”

“It means that if Xuan Mu and the anther really can’t come back, we will be trapped to death in this confinement space!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone panicked.

Even Lu Zhixi looked nervously at the elder beside him who was best at arrays, hoping that he could refute Wei Chengyuan’s words.

However, the elder was more frightened and flustered than she was. His eyes were full of despair.

At this moment, someone suddenly looked at Tong Bing and shouted angrily, “I saw it, this guy is the one who destroyed the teleportation array!”

As this person pointed, Tong Bing, who had been huddled in the corner, suddenly fell into everyone’s sight.

Tong Bing trembled visibly. His eyes were red. He looked at the crowd with fear and panic and kept shaking his head, “No! No! I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to save Brother Xuan Mu and Brother Xi Yue! I thought that black hole was a beastkin’s trap that will kill Brother Xuan Mu, that’s why I stopped it… I really didn’t mean it. Wuu wuu wuuu!

The people who were angry and disgusted by Tong Bing were those from the Huang Medical Branch.

Qian Dazhuang had already yelled directly, “You did it on purpose! You only know crying all day long, I wonder how you get admitted to the Miracle Healer Academy! If it weren’t for you, Xi Yue and the others would have gone out. Say, are you jealous of Xi Yue, so you purposely hold him back!”

People in other branches also looked at Tong Bing with righteous indignation. Their eyes were full of anger.

Tong Bing shook his head desperately, and tears fell down. He ran to Xi Yue in a panic, knelt down and begged, “Xi Yue, trust me, I really didn’t mean it. You’re my savior. How could I hurt you? Xi Yue, please trust me and tell them clearly, okay?”

Hexi sneered and said slowly, “Oh? Then can you tell me first, what is it that you threw at the teleportation array?”

Wei Chengyuan also said with a gloomy expression: “The Xuan Door Teleportation Array is connected with the fundamental essence of the array caster, so it is not easy to destroy it. I’m also curious, what method did you use to destroy the teleportation array.”

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