Chapter 1376: Big Grievance

Chapter 1376: Big Grievance

“I… I don’t know either!” A panic flashed in Tong Bing’s eyes, and it quickly disappeared, turning into pleading and pitiful again, “I was panicking just now, so I didn’t even know what I had done. But Xi Yue, I really didn’t mean to harm you…”

Hexi smirked. Her eyes were as deep as hell. She suddenly raised her hand.

Tong Bing let out a painful wail and fell backward.

Hexi’s voice was as cold as hell Shura, “I don’t care if you are intentional or not. You dare to hurt my man, and you still want me to forgive you! You must be having a beautiful dream!”

Tong Bing raised his head abruptly with tears in his deer-like eyes. The eyes were full of disbelief and hatred hid in the depths.

When Qian Dazhuang and others saw Hexi making a move, they immediately shouted excitedly, “Everyone follow me, beat this bastard to death!”

“That’s right, beat him to death! It’s this guy who caused us to be trapped here!”

“Damn it, I’ve been wanting to beat up this motherfucker sissy for a long time!”

The people of Huang Medical Branch rushed forward. They just punched and kicked Tong Bing without using spiritual power.

Later, even the disgruntled people from other branches also rushed forward.

Tong Bing kept wailing and begging for mercy, saying that he was innocent. Why didn’t everyone believe him?

Seeing that the students filled with righteous indignation were about to beat Tong Bing to death.

Lu Zhixi’s eyes flashed. She suddenly stepped forward and said, “Stop! Xi Yue, everyone is a student of Miracle Healer Academy, how could you be so cruel? Even if he did something wrong, it wasn’t intentional. Do you really want him to be beaten to death?”

As Lu Zhixi said, she made an eye gesture to the elders beside her.

The elders immediately understood. They suddenly flew up and rushed toward the crowd.

The next moment, the students who beat Tong Bing were thrown away by these elders. Tong Bing, who was dying with a swollen face, was brought in front of Lu Zhixi.

Lu Zhixi looked at the pitiful young man at her feet with a trace of contempt in her eyes, but a soft and compassionate expression appeared on her face.

She squatted down, looked at Tong Bing, who was moaning and shivering quietly, and sighed softly, “Poor child, you followed Xi Yue so wholeheartedly, but he actually treats you like this. Such a heartless person, if we really let him go out, will he really return to save us? Sigh~

Lu Zhixi’s words made the faces of Miracle Healer Academy students and elders change.

Human nature is selfish. If Xi Yue escaped from the trap, would she really take the risk to save them?

They felt that if they escaped with great difficulty, they would definitely not come back. After all, even if it was more possible to break the confinement space from the outside, there were also many beastkins outside the array.

Thinking about it this way, their eyes on Hexi became complicated and suspicious.

At this time, Lu Zhixi had already covered Tong Bing with a healing spiritual power.

Tong Bing originally suffered only minor injuries. After Lu Zhixi’s treatment, he quickly recovered.

It was just that his clothes had become tattered. His eyes were red. His face was full of sadness as if he had suffered a great grievance.

Tong Bing looked at Hexi with the pain of being betrayed. He choked up with tears, “Brother Xi Yue, I know it was my fault that you were abandoned by Brother Xuan Mu, so you hate me very much, but I really didn’t mean it.”

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