Chapter 1377: Hostage

Chapter 1377: Hostage

“Moreover, Brother Xuan Mu is so powerful. He will definitely be able to escape safely, and he can also crack the array that seals the space. Although Brother Xuan Mu may not come to rescue the rest of us, as long as you are still here, Brother Xuan Mu I will definitely try to save you. You… You really don’t have to be so afraid, and you don’t have to anger me like that.”

As soon as Tong Bing said this, the eyes of the elders of Heaven Medical Branch and Doctors Association lit up.

Elder Qi was even more excited, “That’s right, as long as we keep Xi Yue here as a hostage, should we be afraid that Xuan Mu and that Xi Yue’s guard won’t crack the confinement space and rescue us!”

Lu Zhixi half-smile glanced at Xi Yue, then she sincerely thanked Tong Bing, “It’s really thanks to Tong Bing. Otherwise, we would have been abandoned by Xi Yue and the others and be left to death here”

Most of the people in Heaven Medical Branch and the pioneer branch followed Lu Zhixi’s lead. Hearing what she said, they immediately gathered around Tong Bing and complimented him like a hero.

Tong Bing’s cheeks flushed with excitement, and his body trembled slightly.

Before that, he had always been depressed, cowardly and humble. After entering Miracle Healer Academy, he was scolded as trash and tried to kiss everyone’s ass.

This was the first time he had received compliments and affirmations from others. This kind of blissful feeling made him feel like he was in a dream.

Tong Bing even thought that he was no worse than Xi Yue! If Brother Xuan Mu is here now, seeing how popular I am, will he be impressed by me?

When the people of the Huang Medical Branch saw this scene and saw several elders of the Doctors Association vaguely surrounding Xi Yue as if they wanted to control her as a hostage, all of them suddenly became angry.

Qian Dazhuang said furiously, “That ungrateful white-eyed wolf, I will kill him right now!”

But he was immediately pulled back by Jin Zeyu, whose eyes were dark and cold, but his voice was very calm, “Now it’s clear that Lu Zhixi wants to protect him, so what if you rush over there. Someone will take care of such a scum! “

At this moment, Elder Qi walked up to Xi Yue all of a sudden and said arrogantly: “Xi Yue, in order to prevent you from taking the opportunity to escape through the teleportation array, I must abolish your cultivation so that you have no chance of escaping. You want to surrender obediently or let me do it?”

The people of the Huang Medical Branch were going crazy when they heard this.

Jin Zeyu lowered his face and said, “Xi Yue didn’t do anything wrong, why do you want to abolish his cultivation? Or do you mean that the elders of Miracle Healer Academy are dead now, so you people of the Doctors Association can do anything to us at will?”

“You—presumptuous!!” Elder Qi didn’t expect that he would be humiliated by a brat. He was fuming immediately, “I did this for everyone’s benefit. If this Xi Yue escapes, we will be trapped here to death!”

Jin Zeyu sneered, looking at him with contempt and irony.

A high rank martial artist from the Nascent Soul Stage had to hold a Foundation Establishment stage young man as a hostage to save his life. It was really a laughing stock to say that.

Elder Qi’s eyes flashed a glint of ruthlessness, and he sneered, “Today I’m going to abolish Xi Yue’s cultivation and take him as a hostage. I’ll see who dares to oppose me!”

“Really? Do you think I, Zeng Shouyue, can tolerate you doing that to my student? Do you think I’m dead?”

Zeng Shouyue, who had been silent with a livid face, finally erupted at this moment. He roared and released the powerful spiritual power pressure all over his body.

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