Chapter 1378: Sudden Change

Chapter 1378: Sudden Change

Elder Qi was caught off guard. He was pushed back a few steps by the spiritual pressure.

He looked back at Zeng Shouyue with eyes full of surprise and doubt.

Zeng Shouyue was also considered famous in the Miracle Healer Academy. When he was young, he was amazingly talented, but he was suddenly seriously injured in the pill refining. Since then, his cultivation had stagnated at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage.

But now, the spiritual power unleashed by Zeng Shouyue was at least as powerful as that of the later stage of the Nascent Soul Stage; it was even close to the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage.

Could it be that Zeng Shouyue actually hid his strength before?

Zeng Shouyue knew to himself that his cultivation had indeed stagnated at the intermediate stage of the Nascent Soul Stage for decades, and he was already in despair.

However, after meeting Xi Yue, everything changed quietly.

Xi Yue didn’t even tell him that she was treating him. She just threw him a few bottles of medicinal pills for him to take from time to time, and she also prepared some medicinal baths for him to soak in.

Then, unknowingly, after a few months, Zeng Shouyue discovered that his cultivation base began to rise crazily.

Naturally, there was a reason why he had not been able to break through his accumulation for decades, but the person who brought about all these changes was Xi Yue.

So, how could Zeng Shouyue not protect such a student and benefactor?

Elder Qi’s gloomy face seemed to be covered by dark clouds. He never expected that Zeng Shouyue would dare to fight against the Doctors Association for a student.

Elder Qi looked back at Lu Zhixi.

Lu Zhixi’s eyes were dark. Her eyes only conveyed one meaning: Follow my father’s instructions, Xi Yue must die!

Elder Qi waved to the other Doctors Association’s elders, “Xi Yue is our hostage to leave here, we must first restrain him. Let’s go together, otherwise Xi Yue may escape through the teleportation array again.”

The elders of the Doctors Association jumped out immediately. There were 10 Nascent Soul Stage elders. Although most of them were at the early stage of Nascent Soul, they had already made the hearts of Zeng Shouyue and Huang Medical Branch sank a little bit.

Hexi looked at these people who were coming toward her. Her eyes turned dark and cold.

Hehe, in order to kill me, a nobody at the Foundation Establishment stage, they actually sent 10 the Doctors Association’s elders at the Nascent Soul Stage. Lu Xuyang and his daughter really attach great importance to me.

Elder Qi’s eyes were as vicious as a poisonous snake, and he stared at Hexi, but there was contempt in his eyes as if he was looking at a dead object.

He raised his hand slightly, then he waved down abruptly, “Get…”

Elder Qi hadn’t finished speaking when there was a loud noise in the entire confinement space.

The white mist that blocked everyone turned gray-black in an instant.

There was a terrifying roar of beasts coming from the gray-black mist.

The complexions of all the people in the confinement space turned extremely ugly in an instant.


Time went back to 15 minutes before, deep in the magical beast forest, in the Toad Jade Palace.

Feeling Wang’s serious injury, all the beastkins ran in a panic.

Doctor Tapir had been hurriedly summoned to treat the man in a red robe, but the more he diagnosed, the more flustered and anxious he was.

“Doctor Tapir, what happened to the king? Tell us!”

Doctor Tapir was a middle-aged man in his forties with a beard, but at this time, he almost plucked the beard from his face, “It’s Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk, it’s really Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk! Human beings are abhorrent! They actually dare to use this vicious thing against our noble king!”

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