Chapter 1379: Eradicate

Chapter 1379: Eradicate

Feng Luan jumped up violently, and he shouted in a sharp voice, “Li Yu, do you see this? This is the human being you want to repay kindness. If it wasn’t for letting those 3 people go, would our King suffer such injuries and humiliation ?”

Li Yu’s face was pale, and her eyes were already red from crying.

She looked at the King with purple lips, and her eyes were full of guilt and self-blame, “King, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault! Wuuu… If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t…”

“Okay!” The man in a red robe interrupted Li Yu’s self-reproach lightly, but his voice was somewhat gentle, “It’s just Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk. It can indeed cause me some trouble, but it still doesn’t threaten me.”

Li Yu raised her head abruptly, bit his lip and said, “King, is… is that true?”

The man in a red robe didn’t answer him anymore, but he looked at the other beastkins and said in a deep voice, “In order to expel the Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk from my body, I will go into closed-door dormancy for the next 12 hours. I will leave only the Divine Sense and spiritual power to maintain the confinement space. The group of humans in the confinement space are too insidious. Remember, they must be eradicated.”

All the beastkins quickly bowed their heads and respectfully said, “As you order, king!”

Only Li Yu, thinking of Xi Yue who was still left in the confinement void, her eyes turned red again.

She was the beastkin transformed by Yue Min Bird, so her 5 senses can cover a huge range.

She saw clearly what happened in the confinement space just now.

Obviously, that beautiful young man is kind. He was framed and wronged, but he was going to die in the confinement space.

However, she had already injured the king once, how could she let the king let the boy go again?

After the man in a red robe said these words, his mind had become tired. The poison of Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk had also begun to invade his lungs.

He must retreat in seclusion immediately to force out the poison. In the process of forcing out the poison, he had no ability to resist.

If someone attacked this Toad Jade Palace at this time, the consequences would be disastrous.

No, it’s impossible!

The man in a red robe shook his head, suppressing the faint uneasiness in his mind.

In the center of Toad Jade Palace, there was a Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree. As long as the power of the sacred tree could still cover Toad Jade Palace, his people would be safe.

It wasn’t until the man in a red robe entered the secret room and began to retreat that the beastkins were relieved.

Feng Luan, on the other hand, looked toward the direction of the confinement space with hatred and anger burning in his eyes, “These despicable human beings, not to mention they capture us, they even dared to hurt our King to such a degree. I will definitely let them suffer before death!”

After finishing speaking, Feng Luan jumped up and turned into a whirlwind and flew toward the confinement space.

There was a painful struggle in Li Yu’s eyes. She transformed into Yue Min Bird, also flying toward the confinement space.


The Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree was located in the center of the magical beast forest. The tree was not tall and strong, but people who saw it would feel that it was breathtakingly beautiful.

The Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree’s leaves were silver. The flowers and fruits emitted colorful light.

The soft light emitted from the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree would cover a large area, and this area seemed to be protected by the forest god.

No one could harm the people and creatures shrouded in the light of the sacred tree. They were not even allowed to destroy every plant and tree here.

The palace of the beastkins was built within the area shrouded in the divine light, so as long as they didn’t leave there, they could live in peace and joy forever.

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