Chapter 1380: Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree

Chapter 1380: Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree

The divine light of Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree was powerful, but Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree itself was weak and could be hurt.

Therefore, there would always be rank 8 and 9 beastkin guarding around the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree.

Xia Zhu was a rank 8 beastkin, and she had a soft temperament and no fighting power.

Originally, Xia Zhu was not qualified to stay around the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, but because she was a beastkin transformed by the Spirit Purifying Rabbit. The Spirit Purifying Rabbit could purify the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree very well, so she was allowed to approach the sacred tree.

Xia Zhu also heard the news of King’s injury at this time, and she walked in the forest worriedly.

Suddenly, a figure flashed in front of him.

“Who is it?!” Xia Zhu snorted, “Where did you come from, little beastkin? Don’t you know that you can’t approach here?”

The area where Xia Zhu was now was still some distance away from the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, but it was already a restricted area.

“Xia Zhu, it’s me.” A slender and tall man slowly came out from behind the tree, looking at Xia Zhu attentively and gently.

Xia Zhu screamed when she saw the person coming, and she said in a low voice, “Lu Lang, why… why are you here?”

The man looked 26 years old, with handsome features and elegant demeanor. He looked at Xia Zhu with a gentle gaze, “Xia Zhu, since I was rescued by you last time and returned to the human world, I have been missing you all the time. To this day, I finally couldn’t bear it and wanted to see you.”

When Xia Zhu heard his words, her face flushed immediately. Her voice was low with reproach and joy, “The magical beast forest is so dangerous to you humans. You, why do you come back? Do you want to be injured in the forest like last time?”

The man stepped forward abruptly, grabbed Xia Zhu’s snow-white hand, and said in a loud voice, “Xia Zhu, as long as I can see you again, I would be willing to die, let alone just get hurt?”

Xia Zhu only felt that the man’s hands were cold and felt dry, but she didn’t care. She just thought that the man was too nervous and eager to see her.

Xia Zhu lowered her head. Her heart was pounding, and her whole face was even redder, but thinking that the King was injured by humans, Xia Zhu’s expression turned gloomy. She broke free from the man’s hands, “Lu Lang, you… you should go now! You’re a human, and I’m a beastkin. If we are together, no one will tolerate it. Moreover, our King has been hurt by humans. Even… Even if I like you, King will not agree.”

When the man heard the phrase “King has been hurt by humans”, a dark light flashed in his eyes. He quickly grabbed her hands again and said emotion, “Xia Zhu, I really want to take you away, but I know you have to guard your sacred tree and can not leave. But I will not give up. I will always wait for you until your King agrees to let us be together. Although I’m a human being, my heart for you can be proved by the sun and the moon .”

After speaking, the man let go of Xia Zhu’s hand resolutely, turned around and strode away.

Xia Zhu looked at the man’s back, her eyes were slightly red.

This man was accidentally rescued by her in the magical beast forest a few months ago. Although she knew that beastkin should keep a distance from humans, this man was so gentle, intelligent and different.

He would tell Xia Zhu a lot of outside stories, comfort her gently, encourage her, and use spiritual power to sort out her meridians.

Xia Zhu liked this man so much, so she secretly rescued him and cured him.

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