Chapter 1381: Well Done

Chapter 1381: Well Done

The man left after he recovered from his illness. Xia Zhu thought that she would never see him again in this life, but unexpectedly, he… he would come back for her.

Xia Zhu patted her flushed cheeks and walked toward the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree. Soon, it was time for her to purify the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree.

After the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree was purified, she… she wanted to secretly see the man again.

Xia Zhu didn’t see that after her figure disappeared, the man who had already left reappeared in the same place.

A pair of eyes that were originally warm and soft now had a cold and mocking smile, as if laughing at Xia Zhu’s stupidity.

Suddenly, the man seemed to notice something and turned around abruptly.

Behind him, a man wearing a golden mask appeared silently. It was the Golden Wolf in the Mojing Pavilion.

Golden Wolf glanced at the man with an appreciative smile in his eyes, “President Lu, are you sure the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree will be destroyed?”

The man smiled slightly, and his face suddenly changed from 26 years old to 30 years. The man was Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang bowed slightly to Golden Wolf and said, “Sir, please don’t worry, the Xia Zhu is stained with the liquid that is ground into powder from the Nether Beastkin Bead. As long as the liquid gets a little bit on the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree, the sacred tree will definitely be poisoned and unable to release the divine light of protection. Moreover, as long as there is no antidote, the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree will slowly wither.”

The smile on Golden Wolf’s face was even more satisfied. He patted Lu Xuyang’s shoulder lightly and said in a deep voice, “You have done a good job in this matter, if we can catch all the beastkins in Toad Jade Palace this time, I will definitely report your credit to the Lord!”

A hint of excitement flashed in Lu Xuyang’s eyes, but he forced himself to hold back, “Thank you, sir!”

Golden Wolf’s eyes flickered. He glanced in the direction of the confinement space, before he said deeply, “However, the students and elders in the confinement space are all baits. They are destined to die there. I remember President Lu’s subordinates and daughter are still inside right? Aren’t you worried, President Lu?”

Lu Xuyang’s expression was extremely calm. His voice was still so gentle and soft, “If Zhixi is killed by the beastkins, it will be her fate. Compared with my daughter and subordinates, for me, being able to serve sir and Lord is the most important thing.”

“Good! Good!” Golden Wolf laughed loudly. He patted Lu Xuyang several times before leaving.

Lu Xuyang’s eyes also swept across the confinement space not far away. He whispered, “Zhixi, don’t blame father. In order to eliminate Xi Yue, in order to gain a foothold in the Siam Continent, your sacrifice is necessary.”


The night fell little by little. In the magical beast forest, because of the dense towering trees, the night seemed to come faster and more menacingly than other places.

In the confinement space, the roars of beasts sounded in everyone’s ears.

Soon, the sky darkened little by little. Through the gaps in the leaves, they could only see the setting sun being swallowed by the darkness little by little.

Suddenly, countless black figures emerged from the gray mist and rushed toward the students of Miracle Healer Academy viciously.

Hexi’s eyes dimmed. She quickly saw the true faces of the shadows.

“It’s magical beasts. Everyone be careful!”

At the same time, the elders at the Nascent Soul Stage also saw it clearly, and they were utterly shocked, “It’s magical beasts. All of them are rank 5… rank 6, no… even rank 7!”

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