Chapter 1382: Something Is Wrong

Chapter 1382: Something Is Wrong

Dozens of magical beasts charged out of the gray mist.

Most of the magical beasts here were rank 5 and rank 6; there were even rank 7 magical beasts.

The types of these magical beasts were very strange. Their species was completely unrecognizable. Each of them looked exactly the same.

What was even more terrifying was that the eyes of each magical beast were red, completely insane. Only killing instinct was left.

Deputy Dean Jiang made a decisive decision and raised his voice, “The elders deal with rank 6 and rank 7 magical beasts, and the students of the 4 upper courtyards deal with rank 5 magical beasts! The elders must protect the students from being attacked by the magical beasts!”

“Dean Li, you deal with the one on the left. Dean Huang, you deal with the rank 7 magical beast over there…”

Deputy Dean Jiang’s voice was unsteady, but the orders he issued were orderly.

The flustered students and elders calmed down.

Even the elders of the Doctors Association obediently obeyed his orders, because everyone knew that this was just the beginning. In this confinement space where there was no escape, they had no other way but to work together to kill these magical beasts.

The night was getting closer and closer. Whe last touch of the setting sun faded in the sky, everything in the forest could no longer be seen clearly.

Hexi’s night vision ability had always been very good, and the rank 5 and 6 magical beasts couldn’t pose a threat to her at all, so she handled them very easily.

Others were different.

Although these insane magical beasts couldn’t pose a fatal threat to the students, the sky was getting darker and darker, many people’s sight was blocked. In the process of resisting the magical beasts, they were more or less injured.

Hexi frowned slightly as she smelled the smell of blood in the air as well as the depressing and irritable fishy smell in it.

After entering this confinement space, she felt that something was wrong as if there was an aura in the space that made her afraid.

For example, poison!

However, no matter how she used her sense of smell to distinguish, she couldn’t identify what kind of poison it was.

A ferocious rank 6 magical beast rushed over behind her. As the sharp claws were about to grab Hexi’s shoulder, tearing her skin off.

With a thought in Hexi’s mind, purple vines soared into the sky, barely blocking the magical beast’s attack.

Roar~~~~~” Magical Beast let out an angry roar when its attack was blocked.

The bloody mouth let out a stench.

Hexi’s eyes flickered. Li Shui Sword appeared in her hand and suddenly transfigured into dozens of swords, slashing toward the rank 6 magical beast.

The next moment, the arrogant magical beast fell to the ground, completely out of breath.

Hexi was about to take out the illumination crystal stone when he suddenly heard Chen Xiaofeng’s cry of pain from behind.

Immediately afterward, there were the anxious voices of Jin Zeyu and Qian Dazhuang.

“Xiaofeng, how are you?”

“Xiaofeng, you… you… bastard, you did it all to protect me!”

It was a magical beast at the peak of rank 6. The cold light of its sharp claws could even be seen in the dark.

A terrifying beast roar came from its mouth. Its front paws were scratching the ground. The pair of blood-red eyes stared at Jin Zeyu and the others. It was about to rush over and devour the 3 of them in the next moment.

The Li Shui Sword in Hexi’s hand was released in an instant, and the Purple Abyss Vine also spread out all over the sky.

Soon, the panicked students of Huang Medical Branch were shrouded in the defensive barrier of Purple Abyss Vine.

Hexi said in a deep voice, “Everyone comes to my purple enchantment. Don’t run around. Try not to let the magical beast hurt you.”

“Xi Yue——!!”

“Xi Yue is here to save us!”

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