Chapter 1383: Take Advantage of The Chaos

Chapter 1383: Take Advantage of The Chaos

Haha, I knew Xi Yue wouldn’t leave us to our own demise! With Xi Yue on our side, we aren’t afraid of anything!”

The protective barrier formed by the purple vines didn’t look solid, but the magical beasts couldn’t break through it immediately.

The magical beast that only wanted to attack Jin Zeyu and the other 2 just now was split in half by Hexi’s sword.

Inside the purple enchantment, all the students of Huang Medical Branch looked at the young man in the darkness adoringly shining like a fairy. They felt that the panic and despair just now seemed to have dissipated.

That’s right, we won’t die.

As long as Xi Yue is still around, we… will not die!

In the darkness, pairs of dark eyes fell on Xi Yue’s body. The eyes were full of enmity and cold killing intent.

Lu Zhixi made an eye gesture at an elder beside and said in a low voice, “Now that everyone is preoccupied and the sky is dark, no one can see you. Go and kill Xi Yue!”

The elder was a high rank martial artist at the early stage of the Nascent Soul. He was considered to be a relatively weak in the Doctors Association, but it was more than enough to deal with a Foundation Establishment stage.

A malicious light flashed in his eyes. He bowed his head and said, “Yes, miss!”

Hexi enclosed most of the Huang Medical Branch’s people in the Purple Abyss Vine barrier, leaving only a few Gold Core Stage uninjured people to deal with the magical beasts outside the barrier.

Seeing that his students were no longer in danger, Zeng Shouyue was overjoyed and hurried to deal with rank 7 beastkin with other elders.

The Li Shui Sword in Hexi’s hand whistled in the sky, turned into a rain of swords and flew towards a rank 6 magical beast not far away.

Suddenly, she felt a chilling killing intent coming from her back, accompanied by a silent spirit pressure.

It was a martial artist, and even a martial artist at the Nascent Soul Stage.

Someone wants to take advantage of the chaos to kill me!

Hexi’s thoughts turned. I no longer have the Li Shui Sword in her hand. In a hurry, there is no way to get another weapon from the void.

But, should I just sit and wait passively for my own death?

Of course not!

A hint of craziness flashed in her eyes.

She felt that the spiritual power of this martial artist was mainly based on water spiritual power. Of the five elements spiritual power in her body, the most powerful and abundant ones were the water and fire spiritual power.

And in Maha Inheritance, she had also seen that if she had practiced to the intermediate and high levels of Maha Inheritance, not only could she copy other people’s moves, but she could even absorb other people’s attacks and transform them into her own spiritual power.

Of course, the premise was that her spiritual power was far stronger than the opponent’s.

Although Immortal Zi Jin said that her cultivation must be at least at the Gold Core Stage later stage to practice Maha Inheritance to the intermediate and high levels.

However, at this time, she could only take her chance.

All the thoughts happened only in 1 second.

Hexi made a decisive decision. A huge water attribute spiritual power circulated in her body. Purple and gold lights flashed in his eyes, making her look strange and brilliant.

The next moment, the attack of the Nascent Soul Stage elder was right in front of her.

Hexi turned around abruptly. “Bang“, their palms met together.

The Nascent Soul Stage elder had a mocking smile on his face: This kid reacted quickly, but he is just a Foundation Establishment stage martial artist. If he wants to rival me with spiritual power, he is simply digging his own grave.

However, such mocking was only for a moment. The expression on the elder’s face suddenly turned into shock.

What’s going on? Why my majestic and powerful can’t damage Xi Yue as if it is voided? Except for stirring a small fluctuation, nothing else happens?!

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