Chapter 1384: Wood Spiritual Power

Chapter 1384: Wood Spiritual Power

Is it because my attack is too light?

Thinking of this, he started to channel his spiritual power crazily. The next blow made a roaring sound, and the chill aura was piercing. He used 80% of his cultivation.

Hexi felt the surging and majestic spiritual power from the opponent’s hand, and she felt that her meridians and dantian were about to explode.

The tearing pain was transmitted from every inch of bone, skin and veins in her body, making her body tremble uncontrollably.

When the elder of the Doctors Association increased the attack to 90%, Hexi seemed to hear the sound of his own dantian shattering.

“Mother, mother! Channel the wood spiritual power, hurry channel the wood spiritual power!”

Little Egg’s anxious cry came into her ears.

And Xiao Chi, who had been quiet, stared at the sky intently. A faint green light suddenly radiated from his body again.

There was a twinkle in Hexi’s eyes, and the wood spiritual power was quietly running in her dantian.

The next moment, the dantian that was about to shatter and the damaged meridians were healed in the blink of an eye. They were even strengthened a bit.

And 80% of the attack power of those Nascent Soul Stage martial artists was absorbed by her, running silently in her body.

In the darkness, Tong Bing, who had been grabbing a student’s corpse to hide and hiding in a corner, suddenly raised his eyes.

The pair of clear and pitiful eyes was now shining with a strange and scorching light.

“Wood spiritual power. So powerful, so pure wood spiritual power. Whose… whose wood spiritual root is this? If… if I can get it again…” He whispered as if it was the groan of an evil spirit, telling the ugly and greedy desire in his heart.

At this time, the shock on the face of the Doctors Association elder who was fighting Hexi had turned into horror.

His spiritual power in his dantian was almost empty. Such a powerful attack could crush even 10 Foundation Establishment stage martial artists like Hexi into pieces, but she still seemed to be fine.

In the darkness, he raised his head and met a pair of cold and beautiful phoenix eyes.

The scorching light danced in his eyes as if mocking, but also as if devouring it carelessly.

The elder trembled all over, and he suddenly said in terror, “You… you are not at the Foundation Establishment stage. What are you…”

However, before he finished speaking, he suddenly felt his weak body being wrapped by vines and got thrown into the group of magical beasts.

Countless magical beast claws and sharp teeth climbed onto his neck, his limbs, his chest and abdomen, tearing the defenseless him to pieces in an instant.

Ahh!” A shrill scream came from the herd of beasts, startling everyone, but it was only for a moment.

Facing such a beast tide in the dark, it was normal for someone to be injured or die.


After 2 hours of chaotic battle, the magical beasts in the confinement space were finally cleaned up.

At this time, everyone took out the illumination stones from the storage bag to count the casualties this time.

When the light filled the forest, Lu Zhixi was shocked and distorted when he saw Hexi standing there intact.

How is this possible?

I clearly asked Elder Qiu to kill this bitch, why is he still alive? Besides, where is Elder Qiu?

Lu Zhixi searched around, and she finally found Elder Qiu’s mutilated body and half of his head under the bodies of the magical beasts.

So, Elder Qiu was killed by the magical beasts before he could kill Xi Yue?

He is at the Nascent Soul Stage! How is this possible?!

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