Chapter 1385: Corpse Puppet

Chapter 1385: Corpse Puppet

Just when Lu Zhixi was furious and unwilling, Hexi looked at her with a cold light in her eyes.

But soon, she suppressed the murderous intent in her eyes and lowered her head to look at the bodies of those magical beasts.

“Xi Yue, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with these magical beasts?” Jin Zeyu asked.

Hexi turned a magical beast over and pointed at its empty dantian, “Here’s the problem.”

“There is no monster essence pill!” Jin Zeyu’s eyes widened in surprise, “There is no monster essence pill and no heart, so how do these magical beasts attack people?!”

Hexi also frowned. She smelled a terrible smell from these magical beasts.

Wei Chengyuan and the deans from several branches also came over.

Wei Chengyuan said, “I also find it very strange. When these magical beasts first appeared, I found that their attack power is much worse than the real rank 6 and rank 7 magical beasts, and they can only attack with their bodies. They can’t cast any spell at all. It turns out that they didn’t have monster essence pills on them, but how could they live without monster essence pills?”

Several deans all showed doubts on their faces. No one had seen such a situation before.

In Hexi’s void, the Little Golden Dragon’s horrified voice suddenly came, “It’s corpse puppets. Boss, these magical beasts have all been refined into corpse puppets!”

“Corpse puppet?” Hexi talked to Little Golden Dragon through Divine Sense, “What is a corpse?”

Little Golden Dragon said, “I don’t know very well. I just heard about it from the former master. This corpse puppet is made by adding a certain amount of Divine Sense into the corpse. It let them possess simple instinctive consciousness. In ancient times, many people used the corpse puppets as their own army.”

“However, because doing this kind of thing with a corpse is disrespectful to the dead and to control the corpse puppet, one has to split his own Divine Sense. There is no way to make up for the Divine Sense that is split away. For many people, the loss outweighs the gain, so gradually there are no corpse puppets anymore.”

Hexi breathed a sigh of relief, “In that case, this corpse puppet is not a sinister thing, at least it is much better than Hei Sha refining a living person into a puppet.”

“It should be…” Little Golden Dragon grabbed the ground with his paws. His expression was a little irritable, “But boss, I always feel that I seem to have forgotten something very important. This corpse puppet seems to be not that simple…”

Before Little Golden Dragon could finish speaking, Hexi suddenly heard a cry of pain and exclamation from not far away.

“Fuck, Zhu Zhicheng, what are you doing?! Let go of Wu Hailiang!”

Hexi turned around suddenly. She saw a boy in the pioneer branch, who was bitten by a magical beast on his shoulder, crazily pounced on his partner beside him and bit his neck hard.

His eyes had turned blood red at this moment. His wide open mouth was making groans, accompanied by a strong stench.

Immediately afterward, the corpses that were brought together by everyone and prepared to be taken back to the college for burial stood up one by one.

Some of them were missing arms and legs, some had bloody heads, but none of them felt the pain at all. They just stared at the people around them with blood-red eyes.

Ah! Bastard, I’m your brother, why did you bite me!”

“Ah Bin, are you crazy?! Let me go!”

The entire confinement space was in chaos. People were biting, dodging, and screaming.

Hexi was dumbfounded by the scene.

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