Chapter 1388: Will Be Fine

Chapter 1388: Will Be Fine

Everyone was silent for a while.

Although they knew that what Elder Qi said was right, these were their friends and classmates, how could they bear to watch them die?

The faces of the restrained students were pale. Some were crying in despair; some were struggling desperately; some were cursing Lu Zhixi and others for their cruelty.

A thin young man suddenly crawled out from the crowd, knelt down in front of Lu Zhixi, and said loudly in a sobbing tone, “President Lu, I know that the Doctors Association are all very powerful doctors, please help my sister. My sister is just scratched a little on the hand, but she is still conscious. Please don’t kill her!”

This young man was named Yu Gang. He tied up his younger sister Yu Jing the moment he found her being bitten. Unexpectedly, he actually killed his sister by doing this.

A flash of cold hatred flashed in Lu Zhixi’s eyes. She was scratched by that disgusting monster just now, and the fear in her heart was like a tide that overwhelmed her. This made her hate this group of people who were about to become corpse puppets to the extreme.

However, she still had a gentle expression on her face as if she was helpless and sad, “We are only doing it for everyone’s benefit. I have never heard that people who have been infected by the corpse puppet can survive. These people, including your sister, can’t be saved. They’re going to turn into irrational monsters in no time. If we don’t kill them right away, more people will die.”

“Yu Gang, do you want to kill the rest of us for your sister alone?”

As if to confirm Lu Zhixi’s words, one of those who was tied up suddenly roared with bloodshot eyes. He rushed toward the nearest Doctors Association’s elder.

The Doctors Association’s elder showed no mercy at all. He chopped off the head with a blade.

Lu Zhixi looked at Yu Gang and said reproachfully, “Yu Gang, did you see that? Your sister will soon become such a monster. If you still think about everyone, kill her immediately!”

Yu Gang fell to the ground all of a sudden. When he heard his sister crying in despair from behind, his body trembled uncontrollably.

Because of this change, the students and elders who were still a little bit unbearable became firmer.

Although they also felt it was cruel, compared to their own safety, it was better to let the others die!


Different from other branches, Huang Medical Branch was the first to discover and control the corpse puppet virus.

They didn’t get together with people from other branches, but dozens of people got together by themselves.

Those few people who had lost their minds had been tightly bound by Purple Abyss Vine.

The people who had been bitten and hadn’t yet attacked were also tied up. Each of them had a look of despair.

Chen Xiaofeng was also lying on the ground at this time. There was a bloody wound on his upper arm. No matter how Zeng Shouyue used spiritual power to treat it, it could not heal.

The light in Chen Xiaofeng’s eyes dimmed a little bit. Pain and unwillingness intertwined, but it finally turned into peace, “Dean Zeng, no need to try. It seems that I’m really infected with the corpse puppet virus.”

He looked at Jin Zeyu and Qian Dazhuang at the side and said hoarsely, “Boss, Dazhuang, promise me that if I turn into that kind of monster later, you must kill me!”

“No–! I won’t–!!” Qian Dazhuang roared. A big man like him was red in his eyes. His eyes were filled with guilt and pain, “Ah Feng, you will be fine. You will definitely be fine!”

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