Chapter 1390: Retribution?

Chapter 1390: Retribution?

Suddenly a young boy’s cold voice came from behind, “Bring her over here. The virus will trigger very soon.”

Yu Gang suddenly raised his head when he heard the words. Seeing Xi Yue’s calm eyes, he suddenly felt that his flustered and burning heart seemed to have settled down.

He quickly dragged Yu Jing over.

Watching Xi Yue insert silver needles into her younger sister’s body, although the younger sister couldn’t recover, her heavy breathing calmed down.

Yu Gang knelt down again toward Xi Yue and the people of Huang Medical Branch and said with tears in his eyes, “Thank you, thank you! I… I…”

As he spoke, the tears he had been holding back finally fell down.

He had always looked down on Huang Medical Branch before. He never thought that when he was helpless, the only person who was willing to help him was the man of Huang Medical Branch.

Yu Gang’s actions seemed to ignite a fuse.

Those infected, who were persecuted by the elders of the Doctors Association, fled toward Hexi’s side.

Because the Miracle Healer Academy’s elders and deans didn’t stop them, these bitten people escaped to Huang Medical Branch smoothly.

At the same time, Wei Chengyuan, Han Qianer and others who disagreed with the Doctors Association’s decision also followed.

After Lu Zhixi and the others finally killed a corpse puppet virus-infected person and his relatives, they realized that all the infected people who were tied up had escaped to the side of the Huang Medical Branch. They were furious.

Elder Qi and the others came to the Huang Medical Branch and said viciously, “If you are smart, immediately hand over everyone who has been poisoned by the corpse puppet virus or don’t blame us for being rude!”

Qian Dazhuang was immersed in the joy that Xi Yueneng might cure Chen Xiaofeng, so he was furious when he heard this, “Can you decide who we can or can’t save? If you are afraid, you can stay away from us. Want us to kill our companions? Absolutely impossible!”

Zeng Shouyue also said coldly, “The confinement space is so big. We don’t interfere with each other. Even if these people really turn crazy, we are the ones who suffer. If you are afraid, you can stay away from us.”

Those who escaped from other branches were trembling with fright when they saw Elder Qi coming, but now they heard what Zeng Shouyue said, they were all overjoyed.

Many people couldn’t help looking at Xi Yue and those Huang Medical Branch students who supported each other without complaining or hating each other, and each of them felt envy.

They used to think that the people of the Huang Medical Branch were rubbish, but now it seemed that the people living in the Huang Medical Branch were much happier than them.

If they could go back alive this time, they would rather all join Huang Medical Branch.

Lu Zhixi also stepped forward at this time, looking at everyone in Huang Medical Branch with a serious expression and especially Xi Yue who was still concentrating on treating Fang Yuan. She said a hint of sarcasm, “I’ve never heard that corpse puppet poison is curable. You take in these infected people like this, it is likely to threaten the safety of everyone.”

“Xi Yue, why are you always so selfish? Just to buy people’s hearts and show your benevolence and morality, you put most people’s lives at risk. Aren’t you afraid of retribution for your reputation?”

“Retribution?” Hexi, who had kept her head down, suddenly sneered and slowly raised her head, “You, Lu Zhixi, are not afraid, so why should I?”


Before Lu Zhixi finished speaking, Hexi interrupted, “Also, who said I can’t cure the virus of the corpse puppet?”

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