Chapter 1392: Condensing Gold Core?

Chapter 1392: Condensing Gold Core?

Especially as a doctor, she couldn’t even turn a blind eye to a patient.

Those students who were poisoned by the corpse puppet were all stunned. Their eyes were sore and red.

They vowed one by one in their hearts that no matter what, they would repay Xi Yue’s life-saving grace in the future.

After handing over the antidote, Hexi finally couldn’t take it anymore. She fell to the ground.

At this time, the majestic and hot spiritual power in her body almost crushed her internal organs.

Both ears were buzzing. She could no longer hear any sound, nor could she see the scene in front of her. Her consciousness was even more blurred as if she would faint at any time.

Hexi knew something was wrong, but there was nothing she could do.

Suddenly, the fluctuation of Purple Abyss Vine came from Divine Sense, then the anxious voice of Little Golden Dragon came into her ears, “Boss, you are about to break through. Your gold core is condensing, and it is the perfect gold core. You must immediately retreat to condense the gold core!”


Despite Hexi’s calmness, she couldn’t help but want to swear at this time.

I thought I was tricked by something, but I didn’t expect it to be a breakthrough. My gold core is actually condensing?

Condensing gold core is of course a good thing. I have waited too long to break through to the Gold Core Stage.

But, why at this time? This kind of place? When I’m surrounded by powerful enemies with malicious intentions!

“Boss, it must be because you absorbed the attack of the Nascent Soul Stage old man, so you break through the last bottleneck. But, the situation is really bad now! Boss, you are a perfect stage breakthrough, which will inevitably trigger a natural phenomenon. Your spiritual root are even five elements, which contain almost everything in nature. It will definitely arouse the resonance of this magical beast forest. It’s over, really over! Your wood spiritual root may not be able to hide. What should we do now!”

I also know it’s bad! You think I want this!? Hexi gritted her teeth and complained viciously.

However, no matter how crazy Hexi was, she must calm down. She must retreat and condense the gold core. She had to succeed, otherwise it would be an irreversible ending.

“Jin Zeyu, Wei Chengyuan…” A weak voice came out of Hexi’s mouth, “There is something that I need… you guys to… help me…”

Jin Zeyu and Wei Chengyuan, who had been watching her anxiously, quickly surrounded her, “Xi Yue, tell me! Anything, as long as we can do it!”

“My… my body is in some condition, and I may have to break through.” Hexi said in a low and hoarse voice, “I need to retreat. During this period, don’t let anyone disturb me.”

Wei Chengyuan and Jin Zeyu were startled suddenly, then they woke up suddenly.

Breakthrough?! Xi Yue is going to advance from the Foundation Establishment stage to the Meridians Stage?

If so that would be great! Xi Yue is so amazing at the Foundation Establishment stage. If he advances to the Meridians Stage, he must be able to help us out of this confinement space.

Wei Chengyuan immediately patted his chest and said, “Xi Yue, don’t worry. I will definitely guard you!”

Jin Zeyu’s words are very concise, but his voice is full of determination, “Want to touch you? Unless I die!”

Hexi’s blurred eyes swept over Lu Zhixi and the elders of the Doctors Association not far away. Her vision was blurred at this time and she could no longer see their expressions clearly.

But she could predict that Lu Zhixi would never allow her to break through smoothly.

But now, everything was too late.

With Jin Zeyu’s support, Hexi sat down beside a rock, then she entered the void.

In the eyes of outsiders, Hexi was leaning cross-legged against the rock to the left as if she had fallen asleep.

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