Chapter 1395: Bait

Chapter 1395: Bait

The originally pretty girl looked like a dry leaf at this time, then after a burst of convulsions, she finally slowly turned into her original form—a dying Spirit Purifying Rabbit with shedding hair.

Li Wei smacked his tongue twice. He looked at Lu Xuyang with jealousy, “President Lu is really amazing! You could deceive a rank 8 beastkin to let you devour its life back then. Now you deceived another small beastkin to ruin its own sacred tree. Tsk tsk, no wonder Sir Golden Wolf values ​​you so much!”

There was no trace of arrogance on Lu Xuyang’s face. He bowed his head and stepped back respectfully.

The beastkins beside the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree stared blankly at this scene. Until they saw Xia Zhu being killed, their eyes turned blood red and stared at the humans hatefully.

Countless tentacles suddenly emerged from the rank 9 tree beastkin and shouted furiously, “Humans, how dare you hurt our people like this! I will kill you all!”

The beastkins roared in unison and rushed toward Li Wei and the others.

However, the battle ended in just a quarter of an hour.

The beastkins were all seriously injured and knocked to the ground. They were all tightly bound with golden silk.

The rank 9 tree beastkin even had burn marks all over his body, and blood overflowed from his mouth. It was obvious that he had suffered a lot of damage.

Li Wei looked at their dire state and laughed, “How? Is my Thunderbolt Divine Fire powerful? Does it feel good to be burned by the fire? You animals really think you can fight against us humans?”

The body of the rank 9 tree beastkin kept trembling. His lower limbs had turned into tree roots, but they were burned. It was horrible.

Hearing Li Wei’s laughter, he raised his head and stared at them fiercely. He said loudly, “You will suffer retribution. You humans will all suffer retribution!! Our King will not let you go! All of you will all die under the hands of the King!!”

“Your King?” Li Wei laughed again. His voice was full of sarcasm, “Do you think your King can live long enough to avenge you? Haha, don’t joke. He has already become our captive. In the future, he will also become our greatest experiment! I believe that with the rank 11 demi-divine beast, Lord’s experiment will be a success!”

“Impossible!” All the beastkins who heard it screamed, “You humans, how could you hurt King!”

Their King was an overpowered existence. He was at the top of rank 11, almost close to rank 12. No one in the Miluo Continent was a match for the King.

As long as their King and Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree were there, the magical beast forest was a paradise for all beastkins.

They would never believe that the sacred tree would be destroyed and the king would die.

However, Li Wei’s following words interrupted all their fantasies, “Hehe, in order to destroy your Jing, we have spent a lot of effort!”

“A whole half of Miracle Healer Academy’s elites are all used as bait just to keep your Jing from noticing our move against the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree. By the way, he is also affected by Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk.”

Hahaha… Although those garbage students of Miracle Healer Academy are going to die now, 80% of your King’s spiritual power is sealed by Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk. Even if he is a demi-divine beast, with 80% of his spiritual power being sealed, when facing our Sir Golden Wolf, he can only be caught. Tell me, is there any possibility of your King escaping?”

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