Chapter 1396: Extinction

Chapter 1396: Extinction

The rank 9 tree beastkin desperately shook his head, but he seemed to hear beastkin’s angry shouts, screams, and wailings from the Toad Jade Palace in the distance.

The tree beastkin glanced at the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree. At this time, Lu Xuyang had already placed the Nether Beastkin Bead in the center of the tree. As the Nether Beastkin Bead emitted a terrifying aura of death, the vitality of the Heavenly Mulberry Sacred Tree became weaker and weaker.

The branches and leaves that were originally shining with silver light were all withered as if the sacred tree would collapse and die anytime.

King… our King, and our sacred tree, our home!

The tree beastkin closed his eyes in despair. Blood and tears fell from the corners of his eyes.

God of Beastkin! Have you really abandoned your people? Is this really the day of our extinction?


Toad Jade Palace.

Feng Luan desperately attacked the humans besieging him while letting out crazed and desperate roars.

The intact hand had lost its weapon. The originally sharp nails had long been turned up, revealing bloody wounds.

However, he didn’t have the slightest intention of surrendering.

There was only one thought in his mind. Kill! Kill these despicable humans! Kill these invaders!

The human martial artists who besieged Feng Luan laughed mockingly, “This monster’s toughness is really good. After being besieged for so long, it is still so energetic.”

Hehe, if he isn’t tough, can he escape from the Mojing Pavilion?”

“Okay, stop messing around. Catch him quickly. Sir Golden Wolf is still waiting to capture the King of beastkin here!”

Human martial artists no longer played around. Feng Luan, who had already been severely injured, had no strength to resist. He was quickly tied into a ball and thrown aside.

Even, because of his crazy resistance, his other hand and left foot were chopped off. Red blood flowed all over the ground, but no one cared about him at all.

Feng Luan’s eyes were red. He kept struggling, but he couldn’t do anything.

There were subdued beastkins being thrown around him.

Every beastkin’s body was covered with wounds. Some of them had their hands and feet cut off, some had their scales cut. Each of them looked horrible.

Even after some martial artists threw the female beastkins, they would remove their clothes and wantonly molest and insult them.

The female beastkins were all beautiful and enchanting. The porcelain-white skin was full of temptation. These martial artists stared straight at their bodies, and their faces were full of lust.

Surrounded by Elder Fei, Elder Cen and others, Golden Wolf walked slowly into the palace. When he saw the subdued beastkins, he showed a satisfied expression on his face, “You guys did a good job.”

There was a gleam of joy on Elder Fei’s face. He was about to speak, but Elder Cen took a step forward and said, “This is also thanks to the poison provided by President Lu. Those poisons are very effective on these beastkins. Most of their fighting power has been lost, so we were able to subdue them without much effort.”

Golden Wolf laughed and nodded heavily. These beastkins were important materials for making wood spiritual roots. It would be a pity if 1 or 2 died.

“Lu Xuyang deserves most of the credit this time. When I get back, I will definitely report your credit with Lord!”

A trace of anger and unwillingness flashed across Elder Fei’s face, but Elder Cen smiled. He and Lu Xuyang had formed an alliance. If Lu Xuyang got the benefit, it would naturally benefit him as well.

Golden Wolf walked slowly to the innermost floor of Toad Jade Palace, where Beastkin King retreated.

There was a most powerful defensive enchantment here. No one could simply break into it.

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