Chapter 1397: The Strength of the Demi-divine Beast

Chapter 1397: The Strength of the Demi-divine Beast

Golden Wolf had a greedy look on his face when he thought that the rank 11 beastkin inside would soon become their experimental subject.

He suddenly raised his voice and used spiritual power to transmit the voice into the retreat room, “Beastkin King, if you don’t want your people to die here one by one, you’d better remove the defensive barrier obediently.”

There was no sound in the retreat room.

Those beastkins shouted frantically, “King, don’t bother about us! Don’t come out!”

“King, we would rather die! Please avenge us!”

Golden Wolf sneered, turned around and gestured to one of his subordinates.

An expression of ecstasy immediately appeared on that subordinate’s face. There was even burning desire in his eyes.

He dragged a female beastkin to the front of the confinement room, then he pressed her under him as the female beastkin screamed and struggled frantically.

Golden Wolf slowly said in a cold voice, “Beastkin King, if you don’t open the defensive barrier, I have no choice but to let my men enjoy this female beastkin in front of your door.”

“This fox beastkin has a soft body and delicate skin. I believe my subordinates will have a great time playing it!”

“Let go of me! Let me go!” The female beastkin cried and struggled desperately, trying to transform into a beastkin, but she was powerless. Her face was full of despair.

Seeing that disgusting human martial artists were about to possess her, the door of the confinement room suddenly opened.

A young man in a red robe slowly came out of the dark room. His coquettish peach blossom eyes stared at Golden Wolf coldly with killing intent.

Golden Wolf was taken aback for a moment. Looking at the young man’s stunning appearance, a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes, then he laughed loudly, “Beastkin King, I have long heard of your great name!”

The young man in a red robe’s complexion was normal, except his originally bright red lips showed traces of dark purple. It was obvious that the poison of Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk had not been completely removed.

He looked at Golden Wolf coldly, then he suddenly sneered and said, “The Sage King of God Domain has made it clear that martial artists in the high-level planes are not allowed to act freely in the low-level planes, otherwise you will be punished heavily. How dare you have the audacity to do this! As the people of the Siam Continent, but you dare to come to the Miluo Continent to act wildly!”

The Golden Wolf didn’t show any fear on his face when he heard the words. Instead, he smiled even more wildly, “Whether we will be punished or not, Beastkin King doesn’t have to worry about it. All I know is that before we are punished, Beastkin King, you will become our prisoner. And your people will also fall into our hands, hahaha…”

A cold killing intent flashed in the man in a red robe’s eyes. Suddenly, his red brocade robe fluttered without wind.

Then, the originally gorgeous and sturdy Toad Jade Palace was shaken for a while. The roof and wall tiles were overturned by a tornado-like force.


The devastatingly powerful beastkin power swept with a radius of a few miles.

All of Golden Wolf’s subordinates showed terrified expressions. They desperately inserted their weapons into the ground, trying to stabilize their bodies, but they couldn’t do anything.

Even Elder Fei and Elder Cen turned pale. They exhausted all their strength to be able to barely resist it.

Is this the strength of the rank 11 demi-divine beast?

Golden Wolf’s eyes were flickering with shock, but more of it was greed and longing.

If I can catch this rank 11 beastkin, my achievements will be unrivaled!

Thinking of this, Golden Wolf suddenly roared, bursting out with a powerful aura and flew toward Beastkin King.

There was a flash of light, and the sky and earth shook.

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