Chapter 1398: Colorful Clouds

Chapter 1398: Colorful Clouds

The short confrontation didn’t even have time for 10 minutes, and a red figure flew out like a kite with a broken string, slamming into a broken wall.

Beastkin King spat out a mouthful of blood. The originally shining peach blossom eyes became dull at this moment. His face was even paler than paper.

Golden Wolf stood still in place. Looking at the young man in a red robe’s distressed look, he laughed loudly, “The rank 11 Beastkin King is just so so! You can’t even withstand my 1 blow. Or is it because Lord’s Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk is so powerful that you have no strength to resist?”

The Beastkin King’s body trembled slightly. He stared fiercely at the Golden Wolf with fierce killing intent in his eyes.

Golden Wolf, on the other hand, gave a half-smile look at the beastkin who was captured not far away.

Many of these beastkins were untied from their ropes, waiting for an opportunity to escape.

Tsk tsk, what an admirable Beastkin King!” Golden Wolf sneered sarcastically, “You can’t even save myself, but you still want to save your own kind. But what a pity, can you really save them?”

With that said, Golden Wolf gave an order to Elder Cen with a smile, “Don’t these beastkins really want to run? Then severe their tendons. Anyway, all I want is their monster essence pill and inherited bloodline. Their beastkin skins and tendons have no use to us.”

“Yes, Sir!”

After Elder Cen responded, he immediately instructed the subordinates, “Peel off the skins of those beastkins and pull out their tendons as well!”

“You—! How dare you—!!” Beastkin King’s entire face was distorted. His eyes were burning with flames.

If he could, he was willing to pay all the price and die with this group of humans.

Golden Wolf laughed even more arrogantly, “What? You want to perish together with us? It’s a pity that your cultivation is sealed by Sanskrit Voodoo Illusive Silk. It is impossible to dispel it within 8 hours. But after 8 hours! Believe me, your people have already become a mass of flesh and blood!”


As if to confirm what Golden Wolf said, a little girl’s miserable scream came from the beastkins.

Her skin was peeled off, and the man in black ruthlessly pulled her tendons out little by little.

Beastkin King let out a roar, jumped up from the ground, and rushed toward Golden Wolf frantically.

The destructive power shocked Golden Wolf. He stretched out his hand and dragged one of his subordinates to block without hesitation.

With a tearing sound, the subordinate was instantly torn apart by the Beastkin King.

However, after launching this attack, Beastkin King also fell to the ground, spat out a big mouthful of blood again, and was no longer able to fight back.

Golden Wolf gasped for breath with lingering fear, then his eyes turned cold as he said angrily, “Pull out this damn beastkin’s tendons first. I’ll see what else he can do!”

The subordinates hurriedly obeyed and walked toward the Beastkin King cautiously.

Beastkin King’s eyes were red. He closed his eyes in despair.

Is it fate that we beastkins and the magical beast forest have to die here!

At this moment, there was a rumbling thunder in the distance.

Immediately afterward, in the direction of the confinement space, there was a colorful brilliance. It was captivating

The sky, which was originally only dim, was illuminated by this light like daytime.

Then a colorful cloud floated slowly from the sky, covering the magical beast forest.

Golden Wolf and others looked up at her in shock. People kept asking nervously what happened.

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