Chapter 1399: Hand Over

Chapter 1399: Hand Over

The next moment, they saw that the colorful clouds turned into whirlpools and began to spin wildly. In the end, they turned into white whirlpool light balls that hurt people’s eyes.

“What is this? What the hell is happening?”

“Is this Evil Sun in the Night? I remember that Evil Sun in the Night once happened in Jinyao Kingdom!”

“No! No, it’s not Evil Sun in the Night. Evil Sun in the Night only happens at midnight!”

After seeing the white ball of light clearly, Golden Wolf let out an exclamation, “This is… a break through to the perfect Gold Core Stage?”

It turns out to be a perfect stage breakthrough?! How is this possible?!

Even our Lord, it is said that his breakthrough is only 70%. We can’t even reach 50%.

However, in this mere Miluo Continent, there is actually someone who can reach the perfect stage breakthrough?

Who?! Who is it?!

The already desperate Beastkin King also raised his head at this time. Looking at the white vortexes, his eyes were first surprised, then he was astounded.

No! This is not just a perfect stage breakthrough.

Beastkin King looked around. He… he felt the joy of the vegetation, insects and birds in the forest; the celebration of all creatures.

They were growing crazily. They were crazily eager to absorb power.

It was as if the magical beast forest that had been dormant had suddenly come to life.

What kind of power is this?

Who is it that triggered such a terrifying and majestic force?


In the confinement space.

At the beginning, Hexi’s retreat breakthrough did not attract the attention of others.

Even Lu Zhixi and the others paid more attention to the 2 bottles of medicine in Zeng Shouyue’s hands.

Seeing that all the people who took Xiyue medicine improved and became normal.

All the people who had been bitten couldn’t sit still and fled from Lu Zhixi and the others to Huang Medical Branch one by one.

Elder Qi’s face was very ugly. He stretched out his hand and scratched his forearm. There was a scratch mark there once. Although it had been cured, he always felt itching constantly. He even started to feel a little numb now.

He didn’t know if it was his own delusion, but when he thought of the appearance of those people who went crazy, he had a spooky feeling.

Elder Qi approached Lu Zhixi and said in a low voice, “Zhixi, I always feel that those of us who were scratched may have been infected with corpse puppet virus, but the effect is not so severe. If we can snatch Xi Yue’s medicine …”

Lu Zhixi’s face changed when she heard the words. In fact, she didn’t feel it before Elder Qi mentioned it.

As soon as Elder Qi said, she only felt that her face was itchy. She couldn’t help stretching out her fingers to scratch it several times.

But now, she just felt that scratching could no longer calm the itching.

Could it be that I’m really infected?

Lu Zhixi shuddered at the thought of those people’s hideous and mad appearances. She immediately agreed with Elder Qi’s opinion.

Hearing Lu Zhixi’s words, Zeng Shouyue frowned and said, “I only have 2 bottles of medicine in my hand. Of course, I have to give priority to treating those who have been bitten. Your corpse puppet virus won’t trigger in a short time, so wait until Xi Yue wakes up!”

Elder Qi was furious, “Zeng Shouyue, that medicine, you have to hand over!”

Compared with his own safety, the life and death of those students was none of his business. Since they were about to become monsters, it was better to kill them.

Lu Zhixi walked up to Xi Yue, but Wei Chengyuan stopped her before she got close to Xi Yue.

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