Chapter 1404: And Me

Chapter 1404: And Me

“Now I declare, whoever kills Xi Yue first, I will give him the antidote of the [Spirit Lock Pill]. In the future, when my father takes over the academy, you will also be valued. Whether you are an elder or a student, after getting rid of Xi Yue, you will understand my painstaking efforts!”

With that said, Lu Zhixi waved her hand and made an eye gesture at the elders of the Doctors Association behind her.

“Who dares to touch my student? Over my dead body!!” Zeng Shouyue roared and rushed toward the elders of the Doctors Association.

The scene was completely chaotic for a while.

The strength of the Huang Medical Branch’s people was low, so the Nascent Soul Stage didn’t care about them at all.

However, they seemed to have made up their minds to risk their lives to protect Xi Yue, not letting anyone get close.

Most of the students and elders of Miracle Healer Academy stood aside with ugly faces, not helping each other.

But there were also those, who were afraid of death and yearned for power, stood on the side of the Doctors Association.

The strength of the two parties was too far apart, so no one thought that the Huang Medical Branch had the possibility of successfully protecting Xi Yue.

But at this time, the people of the Doctors Association still looked ugly.

Because they were really blocked by 2 Gold Core Stage students.

Wei Chengyuan and Jin Zeyu had arranged a complex array when Xi Yue started to retreat.

At this time, all the people of Huang Medical Branch stood at the array eyes and resisted desperately.

Elder Qi slashed fiercely with the long sword. The array swayed violently. Zhang Chong, who was guarding the array eye, was unstable for a while, and blood overflowed from his mouth, but his feet remained still.

“Do you really think a trash array can stop us?” Elder Qi said angrily, “Wei Chengyuan, we are giving you face for your master’s sake. If you insist on stopping us, don’t blame us for being rude!”

“And you trash of the Huang Medical Branch, just hand over Xi Yue obediently. Otherwise, I will let you all die here tragically!”

Wei Chengyuan didn’t speak, but with a pale face, he channeled the spiritual power that was about to be exhausted again to maintain the array.

The eyes of several Doctors Association elders showed vicious determination.

Then, they suddenly stood in a row with their hands pressed against each other. Spiritual power was circulating among them, and their cold and mocking eyes glanced at everyone of the Huang Medical Branch.

Seeing this scene, Zeng Shouyue suddenly exclaimed, “No, you guys dodge—!”

However, it was already too late. Elder Zhang on the front shouted and launched the spiritual power that gathered at his palms.

There was a loud noise.

The array, which was about to collapse, was shattered in the violent shock.

Wei Chengyuan and Jin Zeyu both fell to the ground, spurting a mouthful of blood.

The rest of the Huang Medical Branch were not much better either. Each of them felt burning pain in the dantian, and their blood was surging. They couldn’t even stand up.

Elder Qi laughed out loud watching this scene, and he rushed toward Hexi impatiently.

He must be the first to kill Xi Yue so that when the president gave the reward, he would be the biggest contributor.

However, just as Elder Qi took a few steps, his legs were dragged by someone.

Jin Zeyu lay on the ground, tightly grabbing his legs. His voice was hoarse and determined, “I said, as long as I’m still alive, no one can get close to Xi Yue!”

“And me!” Qian Dazhuang rushed over, hugged Elder Qi’s thigh, and bit hard.

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