Chapter 1405: Very Happy

Chapter 1405: Very Happy

“And me! We must protect Xi Yue!”

Elder Qi let out a miserable cry. He took a long time to channel his spiritual power and kicked everyone away one by one.

His face was distorted due to madness. He stomped Jin Zeyu down with one foot, stomping his face into the soil, and said sinisterly, “You trash wants to stop me? Great! Since you want to court death, I will fulfill you!”

Elder Qi raised his long sword and was about to stab Jin Zeyu.

Suddenly, a purple shadow rushed toward him.

Elder Qi was staggered by the purple shadow. His entire scalp and cheek were in burning pain.

The purple whip shadow waved over Hexi who was sitting cross-legged in meditation as if expressing its determination and anger.

Elder Zhang said in a deep voice, “It’s Purple Abyss Vine. It’s actually the demonic plant Purple Abyss Vine!”

Purple Abyss Vine’s combat power was very strong, especially its enchantment. With the Purple Abyss Vine guarding Xi Yue, it would take a lot of effort for them to kill Xi Yue.

Elder Zhang frowned, but suddenly he heard Lu Zhixi sneered and said, “Elder Zhang, don’t worry. I told my father that Xi Yue has Purple Abyss Vine, and my father had done the preparation.”

As she spoke, she took out a black porcelain bottle, poured spiritual power into it, and then threw it in the direction of Purple Abyss Vine.

Zizizi——” A terrible scorching sound came.

The purple vines were shaking wildly, and the rustling of the branches and leaves was like a painful whine.

In just a short moment, those purple vines that were originally flying in the air withered.

Because of the withering of Purple Abyss Vine, the figure of Hexi sitting cross-legged was quickly revealed.

The beautiful young man’s skin was as white as snow, and his long eyelashes droop slightly. In the twilight of the morning light, he looks like the most beautiful and mysterious elf. Just looking at him made people’s hearts flutter and want to get close, but they couldn’t bear to profane.

Lu Zhixi originally kept her image of a fairy and let others deal with Hexi.

However, seeing this scene, her pretty face was almost distorted into a hideous face.

Xi Yue is obviously a man, how can he still have an appearance that is not inferior to mine? How can he be favored by King of Hell Nangong Yu?

I want to kill him! I must destroy him with my own hands!

Lu Zhixi’s eyes were slightly red. She held a poisoned dagger in her hand as she walked toward Xi Yue step by step.

“Xi Yue, die now!”

The dagger, that was shining with purple light, was raised high and stabbed fiercely at the cross-legged Xi Yue.

Suddenly, there was a “snap“. A vine slapped Lu Zhixi’s face and hand hard.

Lu Zhixi defended in a hurry. The dagger cut through the vine, but she still felt a tearing pain on her face. Her blood dripped down.

At the critical moment, Purple Abyss Vine used the last bit of her strength to deflect Lu Zhixi’s dagger away.

But also because of the extreme poison on the blade, coupled with the corrosive poison just now, it no longer had the spiritual power to sustain her life.

The purple vines meandered over at the end, wrapping Hexi gently. The slowly withered leaves rub Hexi’s warm and delicate cheeks. It was so soft and reluctant as if she was expressing her attachment and affection.

Master, sorry. Little Purple can no longer protect you!

Master, Little Purple is very happy to meet you, very happy!

The purple leaves and vines withered. Even the main root was turned into powder and rotted in the soil.

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