Chapter 1407: I Will Fulfill You

Chapter 1407: I Will Fulfill You

Hexi also sat next to the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring as if in a deep sleep, but in fact, she was suffering from a pain that was like living hell.

This was not the first time Hexi advanced, but it was unlike the previous times. Every inch of her bones and meridians had to be torn apart and reshaped.

That’s right, her body was being torn apart by a powerful force.

Afterward, a large amount of energy would flow out from her dantian, wrap around her body and repair her torn body.

Flesh and bones were crushed inch by inch, then they were reassembled bit by bit. Such pain was definitely not something ordinary people could bear.

Hexi gritted her teeth and persisted. She only had one belief in her heart, that was to live. She must live!

The time passed minute by minute as if several hours had passed; it also seemed as if a century had passed.

Hexi was almost numb in this pain. Suddenly, an extremely powerful sadness and reluctance came from her Divine Sense.

It seemed to be saying goodbye to her, and it seemed to be gently comforting her, protecting her at all costs.

Little Purple, it’s Little Purple!

What happened?!

Hexi’s frowned tightly. Sweats dripped from her forehead, but it was not because of the pain in his body, but because of the strong anxiety in her heart.

She seemed to see countless blood rushing toward her, engulfing Little Purple, her friends, relatives, and her lover.

Am I going to lose them? No! No way! If I lose them, what’s the point of working hard so far!

“Want to really get stronger?” Yes!

“Do you want to gain the power of wood source and the ability to control the life and death of the others?” I want!

“Even if you will become the target of thousands of people, even if your life will never be peaceful?”

Hexi took a deep breath and answered word by word in her heart: As long as I can keep the person I care about, I’m willing to bear any price!

“Okay, I will help you! The first level of source power is unlocked!”

There was a vague voice in her ears. It sounded like a man but also like a woman.

As soon as the last sentence came out, Hexi only felt that the power that was only oozing from her dantian burst out suddenly.


In the confinement space, the thunder ball in Elder Zhang’s hand became smaller and smaller, but it exuded terrifying power.

Then he threw it toward Hexi with a cold expression.

Fang Yuan didn’t even think about it. He rushed over to cover Hexi with his body. His body was trembling with fear, but he refused to take a step back.

Hong An, Zhang Chong, and countless students of the Huang Medical Branch also rushed over.

At that moment, they even forgot how dangerous the thunderball was and how dangerous the attack of Nascent Soul Stage martial artists was. They only thought about saving Xi Yue’s life.

There were many elders and students at Miracle Healer Academy who recognized this attack.

Dean Huang panicked and shouted, “Get out of the way, it’s a [Hurricane Thunderstorm]. The surrounding area will be flattened. Not only can you not save Xi Yue, you will die too!”

Everyone heard Dean Huang’s shout, but no one retreated.

Some of the students of the Miracle Healer Academy couldn’t help turning their heads, and tears slid down from their eyes.

Boom——” The violent sound shook the sky. Several trees in the confinement space were shaken to the ground.

Dean Huang covered his face dejectedly, full of unwillingness and anger.

He didn’t dare to look at those students and didn’t dare to imagine how bloody their corpses were.

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