Chapter 1408: Perfect Stage Advance

Chapter 1408: Perfect Stage Advance

However, a student suddenly exclaimed, “How… how is it possible?! They are all fine! Xi Yue is all right?!”

Dean Huang opened his eyes suddenly, and he saw the rolling dust settling. Finally, the students of Huang Medical Branch appeared in the center of the thunderstorm.

They were all covered in dust and their hair was disheveled, but they didn’t have the slightest injury on their bodies.

“We… didn’t die?” Everyone looked at each other in dismay. There was the joy of surviving death, “What happened?”

In the next moment, the world shook, and a dazzling light bloomed brilliantly.

Pulala“—thousands of birds flew up from the forest, leaped into the sky, and swooped down again.

Chachacha” – this is hundreds of millions of insects and ants crawling out of the cave, moving desperately in one direction.

Shashasha” – these were countless flowers and trees shaking their branches and leaves, telling the crazy joy and yearning.

The magical beast forest was like a sleeping monster that suddenly woke up.

All things were in joy and vegetation grew wildly, just to welcome the arrival of the wood source!

There were colorful clouds in the sky. There were crackling lightning and thunder in the clouds as if there would be a thunder calamity at any time, but when they reached the top of Xi Yue’s head, they condensed into whirlpools and emitted a dazzling white light.

Hexi, who was sitting cross-legged against the rock, suddenly floated up into the air. The white light formed by the vortex enveloped her, making it impossible to see the scene inside.

Deputy Dean Jiang kept staring blankly. Until this scene appeared, he said in a trembling tone, “It’s a perfect stage advance. It’s actually a perfect stage advance.”

All eyes fell on Xi Yue, but at this moment, the dazzling white light had completely enveloped Xi Yue, making it difficult to see her clearly.

The elders of the Doctors Association all looked extremely ugly, but most of them were shocked and unbelievable.

Those of them who were doctors knew better than anyone how impossible it was to advance to the perfect stage.

Even in the Siam Continent, there was no one out of 10,000 people who could reach the perfect stage. But this was only in Miluo Continent! Someone actually did it.

And… Elder Zhang suddenly opened his mouth and said in a hoarse and sharp voice, “How is it possible? Isn’t he at the Foundation Establishment stage? Even if he advances, he should break through the Meridians Stage, but this spiritual power and this thunder calamity are clearly signs of condensing the gold core!”

“He… he is breaking through to the Gold Core Stage!”

Gold Core Stage?! From the Foundation Establishment stage directly to the Gold Core Stage?!

How could such an unimaginable thing happen? However, at this moment, it happened clearly before everyone’s eyes.

Lu Zhixi shook her head crazily. Her whole face was distorted ferociously. Because of the wound caused by Purple Abyss Vine, the originally elegant and noble Fairy Zhixi now looked like an ugly female ghost.

She kept shouting in her mouth, “Impossible! Impossible! Xi Yue is just a trash. How could he advance to the perfect stage? How could he advance to the Gold Core stage? No! No! I want him to die, I want him to die. I want him to die immediately!!”

As Lu Zhixi said that, she screamed hysterically, “You all go and kill Xi Yue before he advances! Kill him! Kill him!!”

The faces of the elders of the Doctors Association became more and more serious. They also realized that if they could not kill Xi Yue now, the consequences would be unimaginable later.

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