Chapter 1410: Original Face

Chapter 1410: Original Face

Sure enough, as soon as Jin Zeyu said this, they originally wondered if Hexi caused all this, but they quickly focused on the white light. Many people wondered in amazement what happened to the magical beast forest.

The white vortex emitted a dazzling white light, covering Hexi and making it difficult for people to see what happened inside.

Therefore, no one saw that the green light representing the source of life was continuously emitting from Hexi in the white light, then it leaked into the air because it could not be completely covered.

It was the leak of that little bit of wood source that caused the entire magical beast forest to wake up and all living beings fell into madness.

Even Jin Zeyu was just guessing that these changes might be related to Xi Yue. Just in case it would arouse fear and covetousness from others, he directed everyone’s attention in another direction.

However, among all the people present, there was still one person who noticed the leaked wood source.

Tong Bing raised his head, staring at the glaring white vortex with scorching eyes. In those clear and pitiful deerlike eyes, there were gloom and greed churning in the depth.

Wood spiritual root, pure wood spiritual power, it’s mine! I must snatch it! I must!

Thinking of this, Tong Bing quietly walked around behind Hexi, then his body slowly floated up.

Because of the chaos in the confinement space, coupled with the cover of the white vortex, no one noticed Tong Bing’s actions at this moment.

After approaching Hexi, Tong Bing’s deerlike eyes flickered for a while and gradually turned into beastlike vertical pupils.

His hand also began to condense beastkin aura— yes, not spiritual power but beastkin aura. It slowly penetrated through the white vortex.

The wood spiritual power that originally spread around the forest slowly converged toward Tong Bing’s palm after Tong Bing made a move.

There was an ecstatic light on Tong Bing’s face. It was wood spiritual power; pure and vigorous wood spiritual power. It was even a thousand times purer than the wood spiritual root he originally had.

Even if he only absorbed this bit of leaked aura, his dantian began to expand, and his spiritual power became full. If he could devour the entire wood spiritual root…

Tong Bing let out a low laugh. He rushed toward the center of the vortex: Xi Yue, don’t blame me! You’re the only one to blame. You are so cruel. I have begged you so much, and you still refuse to take care of me! You’re the only one to blame. Why did you seduce Brother Xuan Mu and let me fall to the point where I was abandoned by everyone.


In the white mist of the confinement space, there was another person or another beastkin who saw this scene clearly.

Li Yu originally hoped to secretly rescue Xi Yue after the corpse puppet virus broke out to repay her life-saving grace.

Who knows, she saw this person.

She remembered Tong Bing, this bastard, who repaid kindness with enmity. She remembered this bad guy who ruined Brother Feng Luan’s kindness.

Feng Luan and his older brother Feng Shan were originally 2 kind beastkins.

Even being imprisoned by humans, being tortured constantly, and being robbed of their inheritance power, they didn’t hate humans because of it.

But because of this person, this young man who was also caught. When he first came, he was so weak, so pitiful, and so innocent, so he tricked Brother Fengshan to care and love him, treating him as his best friend.

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