Chapter 1411: I Am Kind

Chapter 1411: I Am Kind

But what happened in the end?

In the end, he actually took advantage of Brother Feng Shan’s kindness to forcefully robbed Brother Fengshan of his beastkin aura, causing him to die of exhaustion.

Brother Feng Shan died, but Tong Bing got freedom because he got a new power.

It was also at that time that Brother Feng Luan hated humans to the extreme.

Li Yu bit her lower lip tightly. Her almond eyes were red and hot, and tears were streaming down her face.

Brother Feng Shan was such a good beastkin. He had kindness toward all humans and beastkins. How could Tong Bing do this? How could he be so shameless and ruthless!

Now, he even wanted to harm my savior! Li Yu gritted her teeth fiercely, soared into the air, and also flew toward the white vortex.

I must stop this bad guy!

Li Yu flew into the vortex desperately. In order to speed up, even half of her body turned into the Yue Min Bird.

When she came to the vortex, she saw the powerful beastkin power exuding from Tong Bing’s body, madly absorbing Xi Yue’s wood spiritual power.

Xi Yue, who was floating cross-legged in mid-air, was still at the last moment of advancing. She was unable to resist or move, but her face turned pale. Beads of sweat oozed from her forehead.

Without even thinking about it, Li Yu flicked her wings and launched a gust of wind toward Tong Bing.

Tong Bing staggered by the wind. He suddenly froze when he met Li Yu’s angry eyes.

Li Yu said with a frosty face, “Tong Bing, do you still remember me? Do you remember Feng Shan and Brother Feng Luan?”

A flash of panic flashed in Tong Bing’s eyes. He took a step back in mid-air, muttering, “What… what are you talking about? I… I don’t know you!”

“You don’t know me?!” Li Yu raised her voice, “How did Brother Feng Shan treat you? How did Brother Feng Luan treat you? How could you do this? How could you repay kindness with enmity and drain Brother Feng Shan’s beastkin power? Tong Bing, are you still human? Are you not afraid of retribution?”

“No! I have no choice!” Tong Bing yelled hysterically. His trembling voice was loud as if he was desperately trying to convince himself, “I just want to live. I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s Feng Shan’s fault. Since he gave me beastkin power to keep me alive, why didn’t he give me more? Why couldn’t he fulfill me and let me be free!”

“It’s his fault, that’s why I had to suck him dry! It’s all his fault. It has nothing to do with me! I’m kind!”

Listening to his words, Li Yu trembled all over her body, but this little beastkin didn’t stay in the human world for long. She didn’t even learn how to curse people, so she could only keep repeating, “Tong Bing, you will die horribly. You will face your retribution! You will definitely have retribution!”

“And Xi Yue, I heard that he is your classmate and even your roommate, but you want to suck him up now. Tong Bing, are you still human?”

Tong Bing’s body trembled violently. He lowered his head to his chest. Listening to Li Yu’s words, his body trembled more and more.

Li Yu thought he was feeling guilt, so she couldn’t help but soften her voice slightly, “If you really know that you are wrong, return the spiritual power you absorbed from Xi Yue…”

Before she finished, Tong Bing jumped up suddenly. A huge beastkin power instantly enveloped Li Yu’s whole body.

Li Yu’s eyes widened in horror, only feeling that her beastkin power was pouring toward Tong Bing at a rapid speed.


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