Chapter 1412: Devour

Chapter 1412: Devour

What responded to her was Tong Bing’s distorted and ferocious face. There was no more shyness and innocence on this face. Only naked greed and madness were left. “As long as you die, no one will know about it. Yes, you are just an animal. Die! Die now!”

Glittering teardrops dropped from the corners of Li Yu’s eyes. Her body shrank slowly, and her face was covered with feathers.

The beastkin power she had cultivated for thousands of years was gone at this moment, making her regress into an ordinary Yue Min Bird.

Tong Bing didn’t abandon her until there was no trace of beastkin power in Li Yu’s body.

However, this Yue Min Bird still fluttered its wings and refused to leave. Its bright eyes looked at the cross-legged Hexi with guilt and pain as if tears were about to fall.

Tong Bing slowly floated to Hexi’s side, and he sneered. His face was filled with cold madness.

Hahahaha, Xi Yue! Xi Yue! You’ll be a trash in no time!

Xi Yue, you have always looked down on me from such a high position, have you ever thought you would end up to this?

A more powerful and majestic beastkin power was condensed in Tong Bing’s hand that slowly approached Hexi’s dantian.

This was the brand new power he obtained after devouring Feng Shan, allowing him to devour beastkin power and other people’s spiritual power for his own use.

He didn’t use it before because he hoped to be a good person, a kind and weak person, longing to be protected by someone like Xuan Mu.

But now Tong Bing found that, instead of being weak and begging, the most reliable way was to take the power of others and make himself stronger.

Hexi’s dantian was getting closer and closer, and the beastkin power had already felt the majestic wood spiritual power.

Tong Bing grinned and suddenly activated the beastkin power.

The next moment, the smile on his face froze, then it shattered inch by inch like petrification.

On the other side of him, Hexi, who hadn’t woken up after the advancement, finally slowly opened her eyes.

The pair of clear and cold phoenix eyes stared straight at Tong Bing. There was a faint and cold smile in the eyes as if mocking and as if casually teasing.

“Devour human’s spiritual root and beastkin power? What a rare ability.” The faint and clear voice sounded in his ears. Hexi sneered with a bright and gorgeous smile, “It just happens that I also have the same skill. Why don’t we try whose devouring ability is stronger!”

Maha Inheritance, Level 3 – devour. Whether it is spiritual power, beastkin power, monster essence pill, Gold Core Stage or Nascent Soul Stage. As long as the opponent is actively attacking, Maha Inheritance can choose to devour.

In the Illusive Forest that day, Hexi was able to escape from the belly of the rank 7 black bear due to this skill.

Tong Bing’s eyes widened in horror. His body trembled unceasingly.

He desperately wanted to take back his beastkin power and his hand, but it seemed that Xi Yue had fixed him with something. He couldn’t move at all.

The beastkin power that had been gathered in the body with great difficulty poured out crazily. His devouring ability was so powerful, but facing Xi Yue, he had no strength to fight back.

As the swallowed beastkin power was exhausted, Tong Bing felt that his spiritual power was pouring out.

His mouth grew wide and his teeth chattered.

At this moment, Tong Bing felt the fear of extinction.

“Brother… Xi Yue… For… forgive me. I… I didn’t mean to… I… I won’t dare again!”

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