Chapter 1413: Settle the Scores

Chapter 1413: Settle the Scores

Tears fell from his eye sockets like a broken thread. Tong Bing’s eyes had already turned into the usual deer eyes that filled with mist and tears. He looked at Hexi with indescribably pity.

Chirp Chirp Chirp~~” Yue Min Bird on the side flapped her wings desperately as if she was conveying something to Hexi.

Hexi’s eyes were cold, but her sneer was deeper, “Not bad, your crying is pitiful and touching enough. It’s a pity that your credit has gone bankrupt.”

As soon as the words were finished, Tong Bing only felt a sharp pain like being torn apart.

He clearly felt that his spiritual power disappeared, and his vitality was also slowly wandering away.

Tong Bing raised his hands and saw his white hair. Panic, despair, hatred and madness made him widen his mouth and let out a dreadful scream.

Until this moment, he finally felt Feng Shan’s pain and desolation of life force being taken away little by little before his death.

However, Tong Bing didn’t have the slightest bit of guilt or remorse, only hatred toward Xi Yue.

If… if I have another chance, I will definitely drain Xi Yue’s wood spiritual power immediately. I will make Xi Yue die…

Bang——” Hexi kicked out Tong Bing who had been almost drained of all his vitality.

Tong Bing flew far away and flew straight for hundreds of meters before hitting a tree trunk. His his spine broke, and he fell to the ground.

At this time, no one cared about Tong Bing’s life and death.

Hexi reinfused the beastkin power absorbed from Tong Bing back into Yue Min Bird.

Li Yu slowly opened her eyes, feeling that she had turned into a 14 years old girl. Finally, she couldn’t help sobbing softly, “Wuwu, thank you… Thank you for saving me again!”

Hexi didn’t pay attention to her thanks. She just said indifferently, “Whatever you saw today, don’t tell anyone or any beastkin.”

Hexi couldn’t imagine how many people would hunt and kill her if she was found to have a sky spiritual root of the wood spiritual power in her body.

Li Yu nodded again and again, then she turned into Yue Min Bird and flew out quietly.

Hexi took a deep breath. Feeling the 5 element spiritual powers in her body, she smiled with satisfaction.

Very good, the wood spiritual power has been perfectly hidden.

Now, it’s time to go and settle the scores with those people.

There was a loud noise. The dazzling white vortex burst from the inside. The wind was strong. The sun and the moon were dark.

All the people who were still fighting and in a hurry raised their heads and stared upward. Even the insects, birds, plants and trees quieted down as if they had been ordered.

In the sky, a young man wearing a blue and white Miracle Healer Academy uniform floated down slowly.

Her black hair was like ink, her skin was like jade, and her clear face was brighter than the moonlight, brighter than the scorching sun. Everyone’s eyes were dazzled for a while.

Hexi landed slowly. Her cold phoenix eyes shone with purple light as she glanced at everyone present and stopped at the elders of the Doctors Association.

“None of you are dead yet, that’s great! If I can’t kill you with my own hands, I will feel very troubled!”

“Those who dared to hurt my Little Purple, those who dared to hurt my Huang Medical Branch, are you ready to pay back!”

All the trees in the forest rustled, and the birds took off with flapping wings.

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